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Playing to the Crowd: The Publishing Journey of a Rollergirl

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Margot Atwell, ex-publisher of Beaufort Books, discusses the appeal of Rollerderby and her efforts to publish a book about the sport via Kickstarter.

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The Life of Argentine Literature in France

The translation of tk's novel has proven popular in France.

Argentina and France have had a long and dynamic literary relationship, one that took center stage at last month’s Salon du Livre in Paris.

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The Wonderful World of Book Titles


Publishers put out some very curious books on strange topics, as exhibited by this year’s shortlist for the Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year.

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Ether for Authors: Is It Time for Publishing to Call a Truce?

Frankfurt Book Fair 2013 Penguin Corner - Anderson - texted story image 2

Porter Anderson looks at the Frankfurt Book Fair, at Sprint Beyond the Book and Book Sprints, at pen names, and more in Ether for Authors this week.

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Saying “Hi” and MIX-ing It Up: A Narrated World

From "Hi: Narrative Mapping the World" by Craig Mod | Medium

Following up on Kate Pullinger’s report on the 2013 MIX Making Day, Porter Anderson looks at Craig Mod’s new way of saying Hi: narrative mapping.

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What’s Your Favorite Book of 2011 That Nobody’s Talking About?

A good book lives on in memory. But isn’t it better if you can get others to read it, too? By Edward Nawotka The end […]

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Happy Fourth of July!: What Is In Your Book Bag this Holiday Weekend?


Do you spend your holiday’s buried in an easy mystery, a light romance, or a great classic?

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How Do You Use Enhanced Content?

By Hannah Johnson In an interview with Publishing Perspectives, Emmanuel Benoit of Jouve said that publishers use enhanced content in different ways. In the trade […]

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Is the Print-and-Pray Model of Book Publishing Dead?

By Edward Nawotka Publishers typically can’t predict bestsellers. Wouldn’t a better model be to bring the customers to them first? Today’s lead story looks at […]

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Ho Ho Humbug: Weather Delays German Overnight Book Deliveries

By Siobhan O’Leary Next day delivery nationwide is standard among German book wholesalers, giving small and large brick and mortar stores alike a chance to […]

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