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Literary Agent/ Film Producer Talks Book-Movie Synergy

A still from the production of "Traces of Sandalwood"

Anna Soler-Pont of Barcelona’s Pontas Literary & Film Agency discusses the her dual careers in books and movies, and role as an agent, writer and producer.

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TV and Film Boost Sales of Library of America Classics

Library of America

The Library of America reports the movie remake of ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ tripled sales of the LOA’s James Thurber, among other examples.

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“The Attack” Filmmakers Discuss Difficult Literary Adaptation

The Attack Movie Poster

Filmmakers Ziad Doueiri and Joëlle Touma talk about the challenges of adapting Yasmina Khadra’s novel about Middle East terrorism, “The Attack,” to the screen.

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The Joy of When Licensing a Book to Film Pays Off

Nicole Witt leads The Mertin Agency in Frankfurt, Germany

Nicole Witt of Frankfurt’s Mertin Agency describes the pleasure of seeing several of her titles transformed into award-winning films and the unexpected perks.

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TV-Tie Ins Take Top Priority at Disney’s Re-imagined Hyperion

Hyperion Logo

Hyperion, the book publisher owned by Disney, is planning to sell off most of its back list, and will instead focus on books that tie directly into ABC-Disney TV Shows.

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The Hunger Games vs. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


In this case, having read Suzanne Collin’s books in this case makes watching the movie a better experience overall, something that is truly rare in Hollywood.

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Gibran’s The Prophet Hits the Silver Screen

The 9-million copy bestseller, ‘The Prophet’ by Khalil Gibran has been turned into a movie by British filmmaker and composer Gary Tarn.

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Brendan Deneen Takes Macmillan From Publisher to Producer

What profitable, forward-thinking publishing house would not want to run its very own film/TV production company?

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Do Books Translate More Easily to Film Than TV?

Why is it far less often that a book makes the successful jump into a prime time TV series than into a Hollywood film?

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How to Break Into Hollywood…Well, Sort Of

Hollywood producers David Gerson and Peter Friedlander discussed books to film at the StoryDrive conference during the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair.

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