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Ether for Authors: Is Amazon Really in Retreat?

29 October 2013 iStock_000027510241XSmall photog MaltaGuy1 texted story image

Porter Anderson looks at reactions to the news of Larry Kirshbaum’s departure from Amazon Publishing, plus problems with print, and more.

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Books in Browsers IV: Get Ready for More Context

Audience at Books in Browsers IV

Speakers at this year’s Books in Browsers summit explored the idea that creators should consider context as much as content, and that readers can greatly benefit from more context.

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Books in Browsers IV: Why We Should Not Imitate Snowfall

Snow Fall from the New York Times

At Books in Browsers, NYT digital designer Allen Tan urged content creators to first understand the underlying principles before jumping in to a project like Snow Fall.

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Watch the Books in Browsers IV Live Stream

books in browsers 2013

Tune in to this year’s Books in Browsers conference live from San Francisco. Books in Browsers is a summit for the next generation of publishing companies exploring the digital future of reading online.

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“Kid Responds” Sequel to “Go the F*ck to Sleep” Rumors Squelched

At Books in Browsers, Peter Meyers read The Child Responds, a sequel to Go the F*ck to Sleep. Unfortunately, it was for illustration and not for publication.

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Is Following a Conference Via Twitter Worth It?

Conference attendees post real time updates on Twitter all day long so you can follow along from home. You can, but should you?

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“Our Friends in Seattle” and Other Euphemisms from Books in Browsers 2011

Change agents on the West coast meet book publishers from New York at the Books in Browsers conference. The result: a lot of quotable moments.

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