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Bringing Tools of the Trade to Self-Publishing

25 February 2014 iStock_000026582375Small photog EveythingPossible texted story image

In Publishing Perspectives’ Issues on the Ether, Porter Anderson asks #EtherIssue participants to focus on tools needed by entrepreneurial authors.

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BookExpo America Brings Translation To Global Market Forum 2014

BEA logo

BookExpo America’s 2014 Global Market Forum will be have an exciting new focus, Books in Translation: Wanderlust for the Written Word.

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Ether for Authors: Could Beta Readers Ease the Impatience?

17 June 2013 iStock_000002082970XSmall photog GrafficX TEXTED STORY IMAGE

The week’s online debates: the utility of beta readers, the prevalence of ‘bad books,’ social DRM, Kickstarter for books, and the death of the personal journal.

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Ether for Authors: Are Publishing Firefights Hurting the Mission?

Ether for Authors: Firefights

Porter Anderson takes on the distraction of publishing non-controversies, a new guide for self-publishing, BEA chief Steve Rosato’s response to last week’s critique of BEA and more.

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Best Books for Middle-Grade Readers? 5 Recommended Titles from BEA

Very Nearly Honorable League of Pirates

BookExpo America’s Middle Grade Buzz Books panels previewed five titles editors are most excited about publishing this fall. Expect them to get a big push in bookstores.

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How Would You Change BookExpo America to Make it Essential Again?

Show floor at BookExpo America

Let’s face it: the American book industry doesn’t exactly “need” BookExpo America any more. If you ran the show, what would you do to make it essential again?

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Ebooks Still Lack a Category Defining Storytelling Experience

Burning the Page

Surveying the ebook discussions at BookExpo America, it’s clear that despite their popularity, ebooks still lack their own category of breakthrough storytelling experiences.

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Ether for Authors: How London Beat BEA’s Pants Off

3 June 2013 key image starter BEA TEXTED STORY IMAGE

Porter Anderson looks back on BEA 2013 through the prism of the self-published indie author and finds the show out-of-touch with the realities of the industry.

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9 Tips from BEA’s Twitter for Publishing Master Class

Cindy Ratzlaff

Twitter takes practice. Cindy Ratzlaff, @BrandYou, shares her master class tips for publishers who want to promote themselves and their books on Twitter.

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Penguin Random House, the “Following Four,” and the Future of Competition


When Penguin and Random House merge, the company will publish half the trade books in the USA. How can the rest of the industry compete? And what will be the impact on Amazon?

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