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Russian Publishers Explore the World of Book Trailers

Booktrailers Russia

Julia Shevalinka looked at some of the entries in the All-Russia Book Trailer Contest and how Russian publishers are using trailers to promote their books.

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Book Trailers Serve as a Multiplier for Book Discovery

Gabriel Pena i Ballesté is the CEO,  founded in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

In the age of the internet, online promotional videos offer the best opportunity for persistent book discovery, argues Gabriel Pena i Ballesté of

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Where is the Book Equivalent of the Harlem Shake?


It goes without saying that many book trailers and promotions are creative, but none have become truly viral. Where is the book world’s viral video hit?

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On Book Trailers, DIY Discovery and Birthing a Baby (and a Book)

Careful by Isobella Jade

Indie author Isobella Jade discusses shooting a book trailer for her new novel while 20 weeks pregnant and why the film is essential to her marketing campaign.

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Another Book Trailer Post…with Snooki

To promote her new book, Jersey Shore star Snooki gives the staff at her book publisher, Simon & Schuster, a guidette makeover.

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Book Trailers: Are They Fun or Function?

By Erin L. Cox In the last few years, the world of print has begun using book trailers as a way to grab the digital […]

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#BEA11: Ten Tips for Publishers Producing Videos

By Kathleen Sweeney Anyone who has been reading our coverage of BEA knows just how much we enjoy shooting video. As with any medium, practice […]

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Eight Million Viral Views Later: In Search of the Ultimate Children’s and YA Book Trailer

Book trailers — surveyed here last week – are a complicated art form, half-entertainment, half-promotion. Making them appeal to children and teens can be even […]

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SURVEY: Are Book Trailers an Efficient Use of Marketing Dollars?

By Edward Nawotka Once was a time when book trailers were a novelty. Today, everyone has got one. Some are like mini-commercials, others are teasers, […]

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Hot Eye Pop: Surveying the Good and Bad in Book Trailers

The best — and most innovative — book trailers can attract thousands or even millions of viewers. We talk to several experts about what works […]

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