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Dutch Court Shutters Ebook Resale Site…For Now

Tom's Kabinet

A Dutch appeals court has forced the closure of online ebook reseller Tom Kabinet until the company can prove all books for sale were legally obtained.

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Apple’s iBookstore Growing at One Million Users Per Month

Keith Moerer

Keith Moerer, Director of Apple’s iBookstore, revealed that Apple’s iBookstore is growing at a million users per month and has seen 1 billion downloads.

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Argentina’s BajaLibros Aims to Sell Ebooks to All of America


In an effort to defy difficulties at home, Argentine e-bookseller BajaLibros is aiming to sell ebooks throughout Latin America as well as the United States.

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Global Ebook Retailers Race to Beat Amazon into Latin America

Manuel Dávila of Ghandi

Global Spanish-language ebook retailers are racing to capture Latin American readers and bolster ebook sales before Amazon makes a big push into the region.

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How Much Can Chinese Authors Earn? Millions, Actually

I Belonged To You

A list of the richest Chinese authors reveals Zhang Jiajia earned 19.5 million yuan ($3 million) in royalties last year, and he is not alone.

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Revisiting the Long Tail Theory as Applied to Ebooks

Marcello Vena

The myth of the Long Tail for ebooks may be fading away as the digital book market grows, and it is operated by few mega e-retailers, argues Marcello Vena.

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UK Publishers Discuss Favorite Books of 2014

The Miniaturist

The Guardian looks back on 2014 from the perspective of a long list of British publishers, asking, what books made their year?

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Publishing Sales Execs Consider the Future of Book Pricing

Mike Abbott

A trio of international publishing sales executives reflect on the different attitudes toward book pricing across the world, wondering what the future holds.

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Statistically Speaking, Japan’s Book Trade is in Trouble


Over the last 15 years, the number of publishers, bookstores and revenue from book sales in Japan has been in significant decline.

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Iceland’s Jólabókaflóð: The Christmas Book Flood

Jólabókaflóð come the wave of books.

In Iceland, the holiday season sees more than 800 books published and is responsible for 60-70% of all book sales in the country.

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