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Rights Sales as “Soft Power”


New research, particularly in South America, is looking at how the publishing and copyright-holding industries can be seen as national wealth generators.

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Why Don’t French Publishers Have a Global Reach?

Agent Pierre Astier

In the Guardian, Pierre Astier and Laure Pecher examine the position of French publishers, noting they remain isolated by hidebound rights practices.

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Download Publishing Perspectives’ London Book Fair Magazine

LBF 2014 magazine cover

Download our London Book Fair magazine on Rights and Licensing, which includes literary agent Q&As, global licensing trends, and perspectives from international companies.

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Agent Barbara J. Zitwer on Bringing Korean Literature to the World

Barbara Zitwer

As the first of an ongoing series of Q&A’s with the world’s leading literary agents, Publishing Perspectives talks to New York’s Barbara Zitwer.

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University Presses Seize Opportunity to Sell Foreign Rights

Staff of the University Press of Colorado, circa 2008. Darrin Pratt, director, is pictured bottom right.

IPR License’s Tom Chalmers talks to a trio of university press directors about their strategies for pursuing foreign rights sales.

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Sharjah “Rights Souk” Fosters Key Partnerships on Geographic Fringe

The rights 'souk' at the Sharjah International Book Fair was bustling.

The latest Sharjah International Book Fair underscored its role in bringing together partners from countries and regions often on the fringes of other fairs.

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Book Market Licensing Snapshots: Croatia and Israel

Seid Serdarević

Our regular series looking at what’s happening in a number of key publishing territories around the world peeks in on Croatia and Israel.

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Fledgling French Publisher Takes on “la rentrée littéraire” and Frankfurt

Veronique Cardi (in rear, second from the left) and her team.

Young French publisher Les Escales is looking to make a splash this literary season and in Frankfurt with an unconventionally produced novel from the UK.

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The King of Frankfurt and the Rise of FSG

Boris Kachka says the sex and gossip are not the point — what FSG represents is.

For 35 years FSG’s Roger Straus would swagger into the Frankfurt Book Fair acquiring the works of the most famous authors in the world, leaving an inimitable legacy.

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Book Licensing Market Snapshots: North America and Denmark

Tom Chalmers

In a new series, IPR License’s Tom Chalmers looks at licensing issues in key publishing territories around the world. First up: North America and Denmark.

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