Much More Than Bullets and Blood: LéaLA, a New Book Fair With a Mission

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LéaLA, a new Spanish-language book fair organized by the team behind the Guadalajara Book Fair, will open April 29 in Los Angeles. Editorial by Marisol Schulz Manaut, LéaLA Fair Director LOS ANGELES: Mexico is living a wave of violence like never seen before and it affects everyone, particularly the civilian population and it is having a huge impact on how …

Three Brazilian Book Events You Must Attend

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Throughout the year, Brazilian authors travel from one book fair to another, as many cities in Brazil have their own literature festivals and book events. All of them have the same goal: to instill the pleasure of reading and — of course — sell books. FLIP: Literature Festival The Paraty International Literature Festival is a unique opportunity to listen to …

London Book Fair 2011: A Relentlessly Strong Program

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Alistair Burtenshaw, Group Exhibition Director of the London Book Fair, talks about the Fair’s 40th Year By Edward Nawotka The London Book Fair, which kicks off today, certainly has a knack for timing. Last year, volcanic ash prevented a significant part of the international publishing community from making the Fair — fully 30% of registered attendees. This year, political upheaval …

We’ll Be at the London Book Fair. Will You?

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By Edward Nawotka Next week we’ll be at the London Book Fair. Will you? If so, let us know in the comments or via email. If you’re hosting an event at your booth, launching a new service, throwing a party, or want to set up a meeting to say “hi!” in person — drop us a line. We look forward …

What is Your Worst Book Fair Experience?

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By Edward Nawotka It’s April Fool’s Day and in honor of today’s feature about Amanda DeMarco’s thwarted effort to cover SIEL, aka the Casablanca Book Fair, we ask you to share your worst book fair experience with the world. (What’s more, no one will know if you’re telling the truth or not….?)

Casablanca Book Fair Roulette

In Growth Markets by Amanda DeMarco

A dramedy of errors starring North African literati, Italian bureaucrats, and an innocent American journalist lost among the phone trees of Morocco. By Amanda DeMarco MOROCCO: The road to SIEL is paved with good intentions. This I learned while trying to write an article for Publishing Perspectives on the SIEL (Salon international de l’édition et du livre) Book Fair in …

Announcing PublishersLaunch, A New Global Conference Series from Cader and Shatzkin

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By Hannah Johnson Michael Cader (founder of Publishers Lunch and and Mike Shatzkin (publishing industry consultant and founder of The Idea Logical Company) announced today their new joint venture called Publishers Launch, a global conference series that will “help publishers, agents, authors, retailers and other channel partners with the transition to prosperity in the new era, and will help …

Can Book Fairs and Cultural Institutions Change International Perceptions?

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The UAE is spending billions on culture, book fairs and building museums, including a new Louvre. French architecture expert Philip Jodidio talks about why. By Olivia Snaije and Edward Nawotka Today’s lead story looks at four book festivals that have sprung up in cities that are more closely associated with business than culture. Among them is Abu Dhabi. What’s interesting …

Apply Now for the Frankfurt Book Fair Fellowship Programme

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Starting now, publishers, editors and rights professionals from all over the world can apply for the Frankfurt Book Fair Fellowship Programme 2011. The application deadline for this prestigious support programme is 30 April 2011. The focus of the programme, which has been held every year since 1998 in the run-up to the Frankfurt Book Fair, is on networking and encouraging …