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Ether for Authors: Listening to the Industry

APE by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch

This week Porter Anderson offers excerpts from The Bookseller’s Digital Census, takes on Guy Kawasaki’s artisanal publishing and offers much more dish for authors.

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SURVEY: How Do You Find New Books to Read?

bookstore bookshelf

Publishers are constantly finding new ways to reach readers and market their books. As a reader, what sources to do you rely on for book recommendations? Take the survey and tell us.

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Stories Can Lead to More Stories

Small Demons CEO Valla Vakili speaks at the StoryDrive Frankfurt conference

At Frankfurt’s 2012 StoryDrive conference, Small Demons CEO and co-found Valla Vakili spoke his how references in stories can actually lead to more book discovery.

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Book Discovery Starts with Psychology, Not Technology


Book discovery about connecting with people, not technology, noted several speakers Digital Book World Discoverability & Marketing Conference earlier this week.

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Why Book Discovery Advice is Like Weight Loss Advice


As with dieting, which can be boiled down to “eat less, move more” a simple principle applies to book discovery: write a book people want to read.

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Should You Expose All Your Book’s Content to Search Engines?

Art Space Tokly

Craig Mod has made all the content in his book Art Space Tokyo available to search engines, arguing that this is likely to spur sales.

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Best of 2012 (So Far): Book Marketing and European Publishing

Otis Chandler

From new book discovery strategies to e-book publishing in Germany and Denmark…the best of our coverage from the first half of 2012.

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SURVEY: How Many Books Do You Buy Because of Reviews?

Shopping Cart

Assuming you’re an avid reader who buys two or more books per month, how often do you buy a book because of a review? Every week, month, or less often?

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iDreambooks Promises “Rotten Tomatoes-like” Site for Books

idreambooks video

New book discovery site promises to collate reviews from reputable sources, thus helping readers make the better book buying decisions.

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