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What Does “Post-Digital” Book Discovery Look Like?

David Roth-Ely

The challenge with digital is discovery, so David Roth-Ey of Fourth Estate and William Collins, is now looking at new ways to engage potential readers, including live events.

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Random House Updates BookScout: FB Friendly and Ready to Go


Random House has recently updated its BookScout app that allow it to sync up with Facebook’s improved timeline. Can it capitalize on Goodreads-Amazon discontent?

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Ether for Authors: Goodreads. Badreactions.

1 April 2013 iStock_000020251169XSmall image maker Udra Texted Story Image

Porter Anderson recaps the social media meltdown surrounding Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads and uncovers several cooler heads who offer realistic perspectives.

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Book Discovery and Blind Dates

Tove Leffler

True online book discovery requires serendipity, which can’t be programmed. The process is more going on a blind date and then falling in love with someone else.

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Nudging UK Book Discovery Toward the Mainstream

The Nudge List

By focusing on movie tie-ins and visual curation, UK app developers of The Nudge List hope to attract book buyers not accustomed to using traditional book sites.

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Is the Book Discoverability Bubble Ready to Pop?

book discovery google search

Millions of dollars are spent on apps and websites touting superior book discoverability, but there’s yet to be a category killer and skepticism is mounting.

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Survey Underway on LGBT Reading Habits and Book Discovery


The Lambda Literary Foundation (LLF) and St. Cloud State University are surveying LGBT readers about the books they read and how they find them. Here’s how to participate.

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TOC 2013: Authors, What Are You Doing Worth Discovering?


At the TOC Author (R)Evolution Day, authors and speakers from Penguin, Kobo, NetGalley, Publishers Weekly Select shared their thoughts on discoverability.

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An Idea We’d Like to See: Reading Playlists

French language Kindle

Music services offer sharable, one-click downloadable playlists of songs. Why not do the sames for full text articles and book excerpts?

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