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Don’t Ask The Librarian at the NYPL: Use Bookish Recommends!

The New York Public Library has teamed with Zola Books for Bookish Recommends

The New York Public Library has launched a new online book recommendation engine powered by Bookish Recommends from New York digital startup Zola Books.

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Book Trailers Serve as a Multiplier for Book Discovery

Gabriel Pena i Ballesté is the CEO,  founded in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

In the age of the internet, online promotional videos offer the best opportunity for persistent book discovery, argues Gabriel Pena i Ballesté of

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A Better Kind of Algorithm

Ross Ufberg

When you’re shopping for gifts, try getting a recommendation from an actual human expert at your local bookstore, suggests Ross Ufberg of New Vessel Press.

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How a Trio of Startups is Tackling Book Discovery in Germany

Volker Oppmann

Germany’s Skoobe, Flipintu and LOG.OS are bringing fresh ideas and insight to helping German readers find their next book to read or buy.

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What’s the Key to Solving the Book Discoverability Problem?

Laura Fredericks, founder, Describli

Instead of mining data or listening to a chorus of friends, Describli founder Laura Fredericks says we should look at how people found books in bookstores.

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Startup promises to combine the best of social media book discovery and bargain book shopping.

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“Crowd the Book” Aims to Build Community Around Small Press Gems

Vishal Khanna is ready to fight for indie literature.

Startup Crowd the Book launched in March, is using selective, online marketing to try and ‘create a wildfire around great books published by small presses.’

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What Does “Post-Digital” Book Discovery Look Like?

David Roth-Ely

The challenge with digital is discovery, so David Roth-Ey of Fourth Estate and William Collins, is now looking at new ways to engage potential readers, including live events.

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Random House Updates BookScout: FB Friendly and Ready to Go


Random House has recently updated its BookScout app that allow it to sync up with Facebook’s improved timeline. Can it capitalize on Goodreads-Amazon discontent?

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Ether for Authors: Goodreads. Badreactions.

1 April 2013 iStock_000020251169XSmall image maker Udra Texted Story Image

Porter Anderson recaps the social media meltdown surrounding Amazon’s purchase of Goodreads and uncovers several cooler heads who offer realistic perspectives.

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