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The Mystery of Clichéd African Book Covers

cover art african titles

“Whatever kind of writing you do, if you write a novel ‘about Africa, chances are you’re going to get the acacia tree treatment. And the orange sky.”

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Designers on Book Covers of the Future

Chip Kidd's book cover design for Murakami's latest book, 1Q84

Book designers discuss how digital content and different book formats influence the aesthetics and experience of reading.

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Barcelona’s Blackie Books: Pretty Books for the Apocalypse


Named after a beloved but deceased pet, Barcelona’s Blackie Books is a surprisingly successful independent publisher of cult fiction, poetry, and illustration.

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Be Like Tebow! 10 Resolutions for Self-Publishers in 2012

tim tebow through my eyes

Self-publishing is a contact sport, there are countless mental blows to absorb. To succeed in 2012, you’ve got to be more like Denver’s resilient quarterback.

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How Self-Published Authors Get Their Covers Right

When it comes to book cover design, you should weigh their options carefully. We talk to authors and service providers talk about best cover design options.

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Who Are the Best Service Providers for Self-Publishing?

Not all service providers are created equal, especially when it comes to self publishing. Which ones do you think are the best?

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Can Unified Global Book Marketing Campaigns Work?

When considering the world as one big market, e-books change the game — but by how much?

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Why “World Rights, One Cover” Is Not the Best Idea

There’s been a lot of talk about the end of territorial rights, experience suggests that wouldn’t be such a good thing for the author or the books.

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TOC 2011: Toward an All-digital Workflow

By Hannah Johnson The publishing industry is often criticized for slow adoption of digital tools and processes, but Steve Kotrch, Director of Publishing Technology at […]

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Publishers Training Abu Dhabi, Day 2: Lessons in Book Design

By Salwa Shakhshir This week Salwa Shakhshir, a children’s book publisher from Amman, Jordan, is attending the second annual Publishers Training program organized by KITAB […]

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