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Tips for Technologists #6: There are Multiple Solutions to Any Question

question mark survey

When it comes to technology solutions, the choices out there are near endless. So, it’s important that your solution should always meet all of your answers for that question.

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What Comes First, the Platform or the Book?

author writing

Conventional wisdom says that first you build a platform and then you write a book. But what if you want to do it the other way around? Is one way best?

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From Book to…Blog? Inspiration for the Aspiring Nonfiction Author


David Krall wanted to write a book about the Brooklyn Dodgers, but had no platform. Defying conventional publishing wisdom, he wrote it anyway. Here’s how.

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BEA Believes Book Bloggers Matter, Buys Book Blogger Conference


Today, Reed Exhibitions bought the Book Blogger Convention as a supplement to BookExpo America. Blog on, book lovers, blog on…

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The Value Rubric: Do Book Bloggers Really Matter?

You Are My Only

Author Beth Kephart discusses the impact bloggers have had on her career, propelling her most recent novel into a third printing and foreign rights sales.

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Does a Large Online Following Guarantee an Author Readers?

It’s a truism in publishing that the larger an author’s “community” of readers, the better chance of success they have as an author. But it’s […]

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The Future of Publishing is “Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow”

By Daniel Kalder NEW YORK: Founded seven years ago, MarkLogic is the maker of a database for “unstructured data” — which these days consists of […]

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From Camp to Con: The Book Maven on Conventioneering

There are 1,000 stories in the naked city, errr, at the Tools of Change for Publishing, and this is just one of them

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“The Kids Get It, Even If You Don’t”: Transmedia Storytelling in the Classroom

Editorial by Ian Harper MINNEAPOLIS: The National Education Technology Plan in the US has prescribed a wholesale technological transformation for education. Yet, adults — parents and […]

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Authors, Social Media and the Allure of Magical Thinking

Editorial by Daniel Kalder So anyway, I’ve got a great idea. Times are hard for publishers, therefore publicists should write books. No, really: they know […]

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