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“Bridging” Books and Bloggers at Headline UK

Ben Willis of Headline UK speaks at the Frankfurt Book Fair

At the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Business Club, publishers gathered to discuss their latest marketing initiatives, among them was Headline UK’s Bookbridgr system for liaising with book bloggers.

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Random House Launches SF/Fantasy Writing Community

suvudu screenshot

Suvudu, Random House’s online destination for science fiction and fantasy fans, launched Suvudu Universe, an online community for SF and fantasy bloggers.

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PP Appreciation: Ex-Marvel Man, Pariah, Blogger Jim Shooter

Jim Shooter (Photo by Seth Kushner)

PP’s series, Publishing People We Admire, considers ex-Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter, a man our writer says ‘is the best publishing blogger in the world.’

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How Have Book Bloggers Impacted Your Book Sales?

A question for bloggers, authors, and publishers alike: can you offer specific instances of a blog post or social media having a direct impact on sales?

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The Value Rubric: Do Book Bloggers Really Matter?

You Are My Only

Author Beth Kephart discusses the impact bloggers have had on her career, propelling her most recent novel into a third printing and foreign rights sales.

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Bloggers Credited with Boosting 2010 Sales at UK Online Bookseller Book Depository

By Roger Tagholm LONDON: Back in 2009 we first profiled the Book Depository, a UK-based online bookseller, about their global ambitions. So, some 18 months […]

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Eco-Libris Sets Out to Save the Earth 200 Book Reviews at a Time

By Edward Nawotka Last year on November 11 Eco-Libris asked 100 bloggers to review 100 different books that were printed on recycled paper or paper certified […]

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Are Writers Powerless to Make a Living in the Digital Age?

• Jaron Lanier is the author of You Are Not a Gadget and “father of virtual reality” considers whether writers and “content” creators can make […]

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