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To Automate or Not to Automate the Rights Business?

On Friday, rights professionals gathering at the Penguin Random House Building in New York to discuss trends and issues in the global rights business

At a Publishers Weekly event in NYC, rights directors and agents discussed how automation and standards would improve the book rights business.

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The Invisible Growth in the Industry…or WYSIATI

Judith Appelbaum

BISG award-winner Judith Appelbaum reflects on changes in the industry and explains why the lack of statistics on self-publishing is misleading us all.

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MIP 2014: On Digital Books and the New Subscription Economy

MIP 2014

New research on subscription ebook models from BISG shows publishers are still reticent, while consumers who embrace the model continue to buy books.

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New BISG Report: More Students Downloading Unauthorized Content

BISG Photo

A new report from BISG highlights student’s increasing efforts to find alternatives to traditional texts, as well as faculty concerns over costs and value.

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E-books, How Do We Love Thee? Let BISG Count the Ways

Len Vlahos:

At $6,750 BISG’s latest consumer data on consumer attitudes toward e-books isn’t cheap. But timely, objective data on e-books is scarce. We’ve got a taste.

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American Publishing Revenue Grows 5.6 Percent Since 2008

The publishing industry in the United States has grown since 2008 thanks to increased sales of e-books, fiction and higher education books.

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#BEA11: New Data Shows Growth Across the Publishing Industry

By Hannah Johnson Today, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) presented a new statistics report called BookStats, aimed […]

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Magic Seeds: The Art and Science of Book Discovery in Hollywood

“The deal-making process is far more fluid than many people realize,” says veteran books-to-film agent Jeff Aghassi. Read Part One of this article, in which ICM’s […]

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Publishing’s Paper Problem and How to Future-Proof the Industry

There’s an urgent need for publishers to update legacy rights management and content creation systems, according to speakers at BISG’s “Making Information Pay” conference. By […]

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