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New BISG Report: More Students Downloading Unauthorized Content

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A new report from BISG highlights student’s increasing efforts to find alternatives to traditional texts, as well as faculty concerns over costs and value.

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E-books, How Do We Love Thee? Let BISG Count the Ways

Len Vlahos:

At $6,750 BISG’s latest consumer data on consumer attitudes toward e-books isn’t cheap. But timely, objective data on e-books is scarce. We’ve got a taste.

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American Publishing Revenue Grows 5.6 Percent Since 2008

The publishing industry in the United States has grown since 2008 thanks to increased sales of e-books, fiction and higher education books.

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#BEA11: New Data Shows Growth Across the Publishing Industry

By Hannah Johnson Today, the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) presented a new statistics report called BookStats, aimed […]

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Magic Seeds: The Art and Science of Book Discovery in Hollywood

“The deal-making process is far more fluid than many people realize,” says veteran books-to-film agent Jeff Aghassi. Read Part One of this article, in which ICM’s […]

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Publishing’s Paper Problem and How to Future-Proof the Industry

There’s an urgent need for publishers to update legacy rights management and content creation systems, according to speakers at BISG’s “Making Information Pay” conference. By […]

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What is the Key Problem for Publishing to Solve by 2020?

Publishing will look very different in ten years time, but there are problems we can anticipate — and solve — in advance. By Edward Nawotka […]

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ISBNs and E-books: The Ongoing Dilemma

• Should publishers assign a unique ISBN for each e-book format of each title they publish, and what are the implications either way? • There […]

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