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What is the Future of Super-sized Bookstores?


Do super-sized bookstores still have a viable business model or are they being reduced to mere showrooms for ebooks?

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Barnes and Noble Rebrands Self-publishing Platform Pubit as NOOK Press

barnes and noble

Capitalizing on the recognition of NOOK, Barnes & Noble has rebranded its self-publishing platform Pubit as NOOK Press and added features from FastPencil.

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Ether for Authors: AWP’s Boston Foray, B&N’s Travails, McEwan’s Doubts

Near Boston, Revolutionary War battle re-enactors engage with latter-day Minute Men. iStockphoto/Sphraner

Porter Anderson’s weekly round-up of writerly buzz from around the web previews this week’s AWP conference in Boston, B&N’s bad news, Ian McEwan’s doubts about fiction and more.

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Has The Time for Ereaders Come and Gone?

French language Kindle

Several newspapers suggest that disappointing sales of ereaders over the holidays in deference to booming tablet sales marks the end of the ereader boom.

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My Favorite Literary Feud of 2012: Tolstoy Gets Nook’ed

Leo Tolstoy had no idea what a Nook was, and yet...

Superior Formatting Publishing offered a version of War and Peace, through B&N’s Nook store, but a find/replace error changed the word Kindle to Nook throughout.

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My New Year’s Resolution is to Dump Amazon, And Why I’ll Fail

Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief, Publishing Perspectives

For long-time ebook buyers indoctrinated in Amazon’s convenient ecosystem, trying to make the switch to a competitor can lead to frustration and disappointment.

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Is Being First Into a New International E-book Market Ever Best?

If you beat the competition to market, how can you be sure to capitalize on your first-mover advantage?

Evidence suggests that the most successful e-book retailers build on the mistakes of the predecessors and being first-to-market isn’t a key to success.

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E-Book Trends Differ Around the World

CEO Panel discusses worldwide e-book trends at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

During a CEO panel at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012, execs from bookselling giants discussed global e-book trends and how they differ across various markets.

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B&N in Frankfurt: We Come in Peace

Jim Hilt and ex-European director Patrick Rouvillois  show off Nook devices at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012. Alas, they never made it to Germany or anywhere else in Europe outside the UK.

Barnes & Noble made it clear at the Frankfurt Book Fair that they plan to play nice with publishers during their international expansion.

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B&N’s Big News: New Nook Tablets, Int’l Head, UK Retail Partners


Barnes & Noble announces new Nook Tablets and e-readers in the UK, plus Nook Video service, more retail partners and new International Business Manager.

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