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Amazon vs. Hachette: Are You Buying Less?

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In a survey, Codex Group reports 39% were aware of the Amazon/Hachette dispute — and 7.5% are buying less from Amazon. Are you?

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Who Is Bigfooting Whom? We’ve Seen It Before

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This week’s Publishing Perspectives’ #EtherIssue live Twitter discussion focuses on the Amazon-Hachette standoff. What does it mean to authors & readers?

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Is Barnes & Noble’s Nook Expanding to Brazil?

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An email to Brazilian publishers suggested that Barnes & Noble plans to start selling ebooks in Brazil soon, but B&N has yet to confirm.

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5 Things We Learned at Digital Book World 2014

Digital Book World 2014. (Photo: A.E. Fletcher Photography, 2014)

A few key take-aways from DBW 2014: teens aren’t reading for fun, ebook sales grow overseas, Wall Street discounts publishing and Amazon is like modern art.

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Reports of Barnes & Noble’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

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B&N is being eulogized as a ‘dead man walking,’ but the company still has a firm foundation, including the Nook, and will be with us as long as we still have print.

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Can Showrooming Actually Save Bookstores?


Writing for, Virginia Postrel has a counterintuitive suggestion for publishers, Barnes & Noble and tech-savvy retail entrepreneurs: embrace showrooming.

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Could the Smell of Chocolate Save Barnes & Noble?

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Belgian researchers report that the aroma of chocolate inspired bookstore shoppers to stay in the store longer, while boosting the sales of certain genres.

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Press Release: William Lynch Out as B&N CEO, New Execs Named

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William Lynch has resigned as CEO of Barnes and Noble, while Michael Huseby has been appointed CEO of NOOK Media LLC.

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Ether for Authors: Which Way Should B&N Go From Here?

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What is the future of B&N in light of recent poor performance reports, how do royalties really work, and what do you tell your parents about the sex in your novels?

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If Microsoft Takes Over Nook, What Next?

Remember these fancy tablet? They didn't sell.

Microsoft is said to have offered Barnes & Noble $1 billion to buyout the Nook Media business. Where would that leave the retailer going forward?

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