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Bad Decisions, Worse Luck: How Borders Blew It

Borders Magic Shelf

Firing its community relations coordinators, handing Amazon its web site, “category management”…Why 2001 was the beginning of the end for Borders

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Need to Know: End of the Line as Borders Submits for Liquidation

Any hopes of Borders being miraculously saved from liquidation, were squandered as part of the debate on Border’s grim future was finally laid to rest.

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Is Borders Guilty as Charged?

By Philip Downer In this exclusive essay for Publishing Perspectives, Philip Downer, the former CEO of Borders UK, discusses whether Borders’ management really is to […]

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Who Gets Hurt Most By Borders’ Bankruptcy?

Thousands of out-of-work booksellers, indebted publishers, smaller mid-list print-runs, fewer book reviews . . . the long-term repercussions of Borders’ bankruptcy are unpleasant to contemplate. […]

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Borders Bookstores Bankruptcy News Roundup

By Hannah Johnson The Borders Group filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Wednesday and will receive $505 million in Debtor-in Possession (DIP) financing. According to […]

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