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Explaining Australia’s Fair Use Publishing Conundrum

Australia globe shot

We look at what would the proposed introduction of fair use to Australian copyright law mean for publishers, and why is it attracting international attention.

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Issues on the Ether: How Is Self-Publishing Maturing?

4 February 2014 iStock_000002845516Small photog PacaYPalla texted story image

This week’s Publishing Perspective’s #EtherIssue looks at the debate about quality and changing perceptions of the self-publishing community in the broader market.

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Opening Minds Through Eyes: Oz’s Milk Shadow Books

Walking to Japan

Australian upstart publisher Milk Shadow Books has tapped a well of multicultural comics talent down under to produce a string of bestselling fringe titles.

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G’day! New Aussie/Kiwi Literary Festival Sets Sail in London

Australian expat Jon Slack of Amphora Arts — which also runs the South Asia Festival — organized the new event.

London’s new Australia & New Zealand Festival of Literature & Arts had a glamorous, clever launch on Monday. It takes place May 29-June 1, 2014.

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American & Aussie Take on France with New Int’l Literary Fest

Paris Literary Festival

Paul LeClerc, ex-NYPL, and Caro Llewellyn, ex-PEN World Voices, have launched the Festival des Ecrivains du Monde, taking place this month in Paris and Lyon.

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Australia and New Zealand to Raise Profile With New London Lit Fest

Australia New Zealand

May 2014 will see the first AusNZ Festival of Literature and Arts take place in London, an effort to draw more attention to Australian and New Zealand literature.

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Ether for Authors: Is Today’s Book Marketing All in the Algorithms?

9 July 2013 iStock_000020629363XSmall photog CastilloDominici texted story image

Porter Anderson takes in recent discussions about metadata and book marketing, a live, crowdsourced writing experiment, book recommendation culture, and more.

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Fostering Literary Respect for Underrepresented Regions, Authors

The 2013 regional winners of the Commonwealth Short Story Prize were published on Granta.

The relaunched Commonwealth Book Prize continues to be a key conduit of exchange between underrepresented countries and regions to the UK publishing community.

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Young Adult Fiction: Too Sexy or Just Steamy Enough?

irresistible liz bankes

Largely thanks to the Fifty Shades phenomenon, YA publishers are serving up more sex and are trying to strike a balance between what’s appropriate and what teens want.

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Qantas Airline Publishes Short Books Tailored for a Flight

Quantas 2

Australian airline Qantas has custom published a series of books by bestselling authors to give to their elite milage passengers and that can be read in a single flight.

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