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Books Inspire Hot-Topic Dialogue in Searing Sharjah

middle east globe

The Islamic Book Exhibition serves as a forum for dialogue on some of the hottest topics affecting the Middle East and Islam, all through the medium of books.

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Egyptian, Syrian Islamic Publishers Stay Faithful to Market

Farouk Zidan

Egypt, where book sales have fallen by 50%, has given a home to several Syrian Islamic publishers who say the faithful need them as much now as before.

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Al Manhal Arabic Education E-publisher Goes Paperback via Amazon

Al Manhal

Al Manhal, the UAE-based Arabic digital education publisher, now offers paperback editions of its books worldwide via Amazon marketplace.

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Syria Speaks: Writers, Artists Publish to Protest Tyranny

syria speaks front cover (1)

The new book, Syria Speaks, brings together writing, cartoons, and artwork from over fifty Syrians who stand firmly against tyranny and violence.

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Actes Sud Editor Brings Syrian, Arabic Literature to France

Mardam-Bey Farouk

Actes Sud editor Farouk Mardam-Bey is responsible for some 80% of France’s translations of Arabic literature and has put a new spotlight on Syrian works.

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IQRAni: The Story of a Pioneering Emirati Publishing House

Aisha al-Kaabi

Aisha Al-Kaabi discusses the history and mission of her publishing house IQRAni, which is at the forefront of a publishing boom in the UAE.

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Can Narcissus Bring Digital Self-Publishing to the Arab World?

Arabic Self-published Book

The Italian ebook self-publishing platform Narcissus has launched in Arabic, but finds authors in the Arab world face a steep digital learning curve.

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An “Ebook Frenzy” Hits Egypt

Mahmoud Aboulfotouh discusses the evolution of Arabic epublishing and how the launch of several new platforms in Egypt is creating excitement in the region.

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Kotobee: Developing Interactive Textbooks in Egypt


Cairo-based Kotobee, sister company to BookBake, has launched a new tool for developing interactive textbooks in the Arab world.

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Arabic E-books: A New Solution or Just a Revolution?

Kassem Al Tarras

The Arabic e-book market remains hampered by difficulties with display technology, piracy and censorship, problems that require new thinking, skills, and tools.

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