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Flemish Children’s Books Cross Media Boundaries

monkey tales

A number of Flemish children’s book publishers have launched cooperations with other creative media industries to create apps, games and storytelling experiences.

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BiblioNasium Wants to Turn Kids Into Book Reviewers

logo biblionasium

BiblioNasium, the literary social network for kids, has announced the launch of advanced book review features.

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Short Reads: The Rooster Crows, Very Briefly

10 March 2014 iStock_000024437016Small photog Grytsaj texted starter image

Publishing Perspectives’ #EtherIssue live chat on Wednesday will focus on the trend toward short reads, newly represented by the Rooster app for iOS.

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Mobile Tech is the Next Frontier for Content

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says the internet itself is not important, it's what the internet empowers people to do.

Reporting from the Mobile World Congress, Beatrice Stauffer notes the strong advances in mobile tech are creating opportunities for content providers.

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Exprima Talks: Peter Meyers, Content Innovation at Citia

Corey Pressman

In this debut of the Exprima Interview series, Corey Pressman talks with Peter Meyers of Citia about the future of ebooks and how digital storytelling might evolve.

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How UK Museums Use Mobile Tech to Enhance Visitor Experience

Museum Explorer

UK museums are adapting publishing technology to their needs and using mobile apps to re-invigorate the way visitors explore their spaces.

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Mexico’s Álvaro Enrigue Wins Anagrama’s Herralde Novel Prize

Álvaro Enrigue

Mexico’s Álvaro Enrigue won the €18,000 Herralde Prize for his novel Muerte súbita. The prize, awarded by Anagrama, is given to an unpublished novel in Spanish.

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Penguin’s Nathan Hull: A Globetrotter in Search of Innovation

FastR, a Latvian app developer, is just one of Hull's digital discoveries.

Penguin’s Nathan Hull believes digital innovation is just as likely as to happen in Latvia as London. He is on a perpetual search for the wild and wonderful.

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Mobile Storytelling Inspires Innovation, Experimentation

Papa Sangre

Mobile storytelling platforms borrow from tradition but also manipulate digital patterns of behavior and break the barrier between reader and creator.

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Interactive Books!? Hunger Games Camp, Audiobook Powered Vibrator


The idea of interactive books is being taken to a new level with the new Hunger Games Summer Camp and a vibrator that wirelessly syncs to erotic audiobooks.

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