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Apple’s iBookstore Growing at One Million Users Per Month

Keith Moerer

Keith Moerer, Director of Apple’s iBookstore, revealed that Apple’s iBookstore is growing at a million users per month and has seen 1 billion downloads.

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Short Reads: The Rooster Crows, Very Briefly

10 March 2014 iStock_000024437016Small photog Grytsaj texted starter image

Publishing Perspectives’ #EtherIssue live chat on Wednesday will focus on the trend toward short reads, newly represented by the Rooster app for iOS.

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How I Brought My Thriller from the ’70s into The 21st Century

Warren Adler is best known for his novel War of the Roses.

Bestseller Warren Adler discusses the challenges of converting his 1977 thriller “Trans-Siberian Express” into digital and enhancing it Apple’s iBooks.

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How UK Museums Use Mobile Tech to Enhance Visitor Experience

Museum Explorer

UK museums are adapting publishing technology to their needs and using mobile apps to re-invigorate the way visitors explore their spaces.

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UK’s YUDU Sees Future in Apple’s iBooks Platform. Do You?

Laura Austin

British multi-platform publisher YUDU is favoring publishing in the robust iBooks platform over stand-alone apps, which entail greater expense and risk.

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SURVEY: Is Reinstating Buy Buttons Fair Punishment for Apple?

apple itunes ipad iphone

As punishment for price-fixing, the DOJ is demanding Apple reinstate buy buttons on competitors’ apps. Is the punishment too much, appropriate, or irrelevant?

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Survey: Does Apple’s Guilty Verdict in Ebook Trial Damage Publishing?


Apple has been found guilty of colluding to raise ebook prices. Financial ramifications aside, has the judgement damaged publishing’s reputation with consumers?

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In Japan, Ebook Market Gets a Push, But is it Enough?

Tokyo International Book Fair

At the Tokyo International Book Fair the focus finally shifted away from devices to actual ebooks, but hype of their immediately transforming the business was toned down.

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DOJ v Apple: Jedi Mind Tricks, Double Deletes and Spiderwebs


The Department of Justice’s trial against Apple for alleged ebook price fixing has had more than a few moments of entertaining linguistic absurdity.

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Survey Shows Amazon Leads Japan in Ebook Sales, Apple Already Second

OnDeck 2013 Ebook Survey Japan

A new survey shows that Amazon’s Kindle is leading Japan’s market for ebook sales, with Apple second, followed by Kinokuniya’s Kinoppy, Sony’s Reader Store and Kobo.

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