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Self-Publishing as a Means to My Own Literary Revolution

Tejas Desai

Author Tejas Desai expresses his frustration with the classic publishing industry by way of explaining why he opted for self-publishing.

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Amazon Demands New Terms from UK Publishers


The Bookseller reports that Amazon is making new demands on UK publishers, including the right to deliver POD titles to customers should a book be out of stock.

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Introducing Your Publishing World Cup “Dream Team”

Charlie Redmayne, standing 6' 5" and one of the few former military men to run a publishing house, would be an intimidating presence in the net.

Who would you have on a book business World Cup dream team? Who would you place up front? On the bench? As manager We humbly submit our own selections.

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Doctorow on the Dangers Posed by Ebook DRM Dictators

Writing in a digital age

Citing the Amazon-Hachette dispute, Cory Doctorow addressed the Writing in the Digital Age conference with an impassioned called to fight ebook DRM.

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Amazon Responsible for Huge Share of Hachette Ebook Sales

hachette logo

Amazon is responsible for 78% for Hachette ebook sales in the UK, and 60% in the United States — which makes the company especially vulnerable.

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Amazon vs. Hachette: The War Intensifies

photo amazon vs hachette

In its ongoing contractual battle with Hachette, Amazon stopped selling certain Hachette books on Friday.

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Amazon Bullies Publishers Overseas As Well

Anti Amazon

Amazon is seeking better contract terms with Bonnier in Germany and seeking leverage by stocking fewer Bonnier titles and slowing deliveries.

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Starting a Small Press? Here’s Some Advice

Sorry House Press' Logo. Does it remind you of that of another publishing company?

Spencer Masden of Brooklyn’s Sorry House Press discusses in frank detail everything he’s learned so far about small press publishing.

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PRH UK’s My Independent Bookshop to Battle Amazon

My Independent Bookshop

My Independent Bookshop, a social network from Penguin Random House UK, launched Thursday. It’s direct-to-consumer bookselling model is aimed at foiling Amazon.

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Clube de Autores: A Self-Publishing Boom in Brazil

Ricardo Almeida

We interview Ricardo Almeida, the founder and CEO of Clube de Autores, the top self-publishing platform in Brazil.

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