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UK’s Fiction Uncovered Adds £80K Jerwood Name, Self-Pub

fiction uncovered

The UK Fiction Uncovered promotion has secured £80K for 2 years of £5k grants from the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and is now open to self-published authors.

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Are Expensive Publishing HQs a Waste of Resources?

Amazon's London HQ: If they can get away with it, why not publishers?

If publishers cut real estate overhead, would it allow them to pour more money into the books themselves? Or is paying high rent merely the price of doing business?

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Is $319.20 Too Much to Pay for an Ebook?

Amazon's Most Expensive Ebook

In an article for the Paris Review, ‘This Month’s Most Expensive E-Books,’ Dan Piepenbring wonders what the limit is that people are willing to pay for an ebook.

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Issues on the Ether: Profit-Sharing Authors

28 January 2014 iStock_000004471003Small photog YuLiang11 texted story image 2

Porter Anderson looks at Ian K. Ellard’s concept of authors sharing profits with publishing-services experts in his winning essay at The Bookseller, The Toast.

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On Becoming a (Self) Publisher

Nick Ruffilo

Nick Ruffilo transitioned from technologist to a self-published author, and shares tips and lessons learned from experiments with various platforms.

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5 Things We Learned at Digital Book World 2014

Digital Book World 2014. (Photo: A.E. Fletcher Photography, 2014)

A few key take-aways from DBW 2014: teens aren’t reading for fun, ebook sales grow overseas, Wall Street discounts publishing and Amazon is like modern art.

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“Mein Kampf” Climbs the Digital Bestseller Lists: Why?

Mein Kampf

Has the permissiveness of the society, booksellers and publishers empowered the curious to turn cheap ebook editions of Mein Kampf into unfortunate bestsellers?

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Issues on the Ether: As at DBW, the Many Faces of Amazon

14 January 2014 iStock_000000523408XSmall photog ThePrint texted story image

In this week’s Issues on the Ether, Porter Anderson sets up a Friday Twitter discussion with questions about the many perceptions of Amazon in publishing.

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As DBW Convenes: If Hugh Howey Ran HarperCollins

Hugh Howey - Publishing Perspectives 2

On the opening of the Digital Book World 2014 Conference, Porter Anderson covers the hybrid author’s controversial vision of an upended publishing industry.

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Issues on the Ether: Is the Price Ever Right for Books?

7 January 2014 iStock_000027727407XSmall photog Miluxian texted story image

Publishing Perspectives’ #EtherIssue live Twitter discussion Wednesday will be look at book pricing, value and whether we’re in a perpetual downward spiral.

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