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Should UK Agents/Publishers Break Up Commonwealth Rights?

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Is continuing to group together Commonwealth book rights good business, hopeless inertia, or merely a self-serving tradition?

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What is the Future of the Slush Pile?

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Will authors have the patience to wait for an agent or publisher to discover them? Or will they seek the immediate gratification of self-publishing?

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Why a Book Editor Becomes a Literary Agent

Rebecca Carter

Rebecca Carter is leaving Random House to become an agent for Janklow & Nesbit. ‘My motivation comes from wanting to work with writers on editorial,’ she says.

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Who is More Responsible for a Book’s Text, Agent or Editor?

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Is the cliché that ‘editors no longer edit’ overstated? Or does the job of shaping a book’s text fall largely to the agent?

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Foreign Rights Directors in France: The Advantages of Being Foreign

Four foreign-born French rights directors discuss the differences between working abroad and in Paris, where the job is ‘more important, more stimulating, and there’s more responsibility.’

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When a Lawyer is Better Than an Agent

Robert Barnett, attorney not agent

Amanda Knox hired attorney Robert Barnett to represent her to publishers for a reason: she’s going to save tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees.

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The Changing Face of Book Rights

International Rights Directors Meeting in Frankfurt 2010

Agents sound off on key emerging markets, digital issues, agents-turned-publishers, the growth of film rights, and more prior to the start of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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SURVEY: What Is the Top Issue for Frankfurt 2011?

E-books, royalties, new business models? Take our survey and let us know what you think.

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Which Country is the Hottest Book Rights Market in 2011?

Among the international players, every one is banking on Brazil. Among the English-speakers…let’s just say ‘Oh, Canada!’

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Paris’ Pierre Astier: A French Agent with an International Agenda

Paris literary agent Pierre Astier looked beyond an exclusively French clientele and discovered award-winning talent in places such as Macedonia and Iceland.

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