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The London Book Fair: Where Word-of-Mouth Reigns

Edward Nawotka

Prior to the opening of the London Book Fair, Ed Nawotka wonders why in the digital age such events still exist? The answer is easy: word-of-mouth.

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Can Charlie Redmayne Lead HarperCollins UK to Victory?

Charlie Redmayne

Ex-army man Charlie Redmayne may have left Pottermore to take the helm at HarperCollins UK, but he’s not taking sides in the war between print and digital.

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Best of 2012 (So Far): Editors, Agents, Spanish Language Publishing

Agent Marc Parent

From editors-turned-agents to e-books and rights sales in Spain and Latin America…the best of our coverage from the first half of 2012.

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For Foreign Writers, Are Translators More Useful Than Agents?

translation dictionaries

If you’re a writer from a small nation, working with a translator who can pitch your book directly to a publisher might be a better bet than using an agent.

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Going to the Very Edge of the Known Writing Universe

Writing in a Digital Age logo

London’s Writing in a Digital Age Conference was a testament to the extraordinary human desire to write, and featured star writers, traditional and indie alike.

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Agent Rosemary Stimola and the Changing World of Children’s Books

Rosemary Stimola and her dog Zoe

Rosemary Stimola, literary agent for both the Hunger Games and the 2011 YA National Book Award winner, discusses the fast evolving children’s publishing business.

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Monetization is Top Topic at UK World E-Reading Congress

Charlie Campbell

We preview the May 15-16 World E-Reading Congress in London, where monetizing content, agenting, publishing and book retail are all on the agenda.

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Belgian/Aussie Agency Gives Edgy Chinese Writers a Chance

A sampling of Zeitgeist's numerous authors

Based in Brussels and Sydney, the Zeitgeist Media Group represents authors who ‘write about a China that is much stronger and faster paced…the dark side.’

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Should UK Agents/Publishers Break Up Commonwealth Rights?

uk flag

Is continuing to group together Commonwealth book rights good business, hopeless inertia, or merely a self-serving tradition?

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What is the Future of the Slush Pile?

slush pile papers

Will authors have the patience to wait for an agent or publisher to discover them? Or will they seek the immediate gratification of self-publishing?

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