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Can Textbook Nationalization Curb “Profiteering Publishers”?

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán

Hungary nationalized primary school textbook production to thwart what are viewed as ‘profiteering publishers’; Poland and South Africa are considering similar changes.

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France’s Bernard Pivot: A Lifetime of Literature

Bernard Pivot (Photo: AFP Alain Jocard)

Bernard Pivot is the new president of the Académie Goncourt, a perfect role for ‘the best informed man on what is happening today in the world of books in France and even abroad.’

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New Boutique Publishers Return to the “Essence” of Publishing


France’s Allary Éditions and Sweden’s Haute Culture Books promise a return to the ‘essence’ of publishing, producing books with greater care and exuberance.

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Rome’s Book Fair Reflects a Country Unwilling to Surrender


Italian publishing is struggling, but the recent book fair in Rome offered signs of vitality and reflected a strong commitment to carry on.

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German Transmedia: Storytelling to Stimulate Several Senses

Insa Kohler and Andresa Winkelmann

Germany’s Rowohlt and Das Wilde Dutzend (The Wild Dozen) embody the latest thinking in transmedia storytelling, one is re-imagining the thriller and the other, fairy tales.

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Sweden Shifting Away from Crime, While UK Seeks Sure Things

Elisabet Brannstrom

Sweden is shifting away from the acute focus on crime toward both quirkier and more literary titles, while in the UK risk-averse publishers are seeking surefire hits.

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Italy’s “Masterpiece” TV Competition for Writers Defies Low Expectations

Masterpiece Rai3

Rather than being an exercise in humiliation, Italy’s new television literary talent show proves to be stylish, fun and surprisingly compelling viewing.

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For a £25,000 Fee, Jeffrey Archer Is Still Extremely Quotable

Jeffrey Archer

UK author Lord Jeffrey Archer, still combative and unapologetic, believes bookstores are doomed, but is happy to continue cranking out bestsellers — as ebooks.

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How Self-Publishing Led Amazon to German Ebook Dominance

How to Publish in Germany

In Germany, where fixed price laws demand a level playing field, Amazon’s KDP gave its self-published authors an edge when it came to ebooks.

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No Game Without Drama: Slovenia’s Publishing Industry in Turmoil

No Game Without Drama

With one of Slovenia’s two major publishing conglomerates up for auction, the industry fears the worst; readers, meanwhile, have rallied around a surprise bestseller.

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