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The Translator as Agent

Maureen Freely, the moderator of the panel, is the new President of PEN UK.

A panel of experts discuss how translations reach the market, from finding the books to what translators should do when approaching publishers.

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Flemish Book Trade Focused on Creative Media Collaboration

The House of the Book in Borgerhout, home of

Forward-looking Flemish publishers and bookseller organization,, offers the book industry opportunities to collaboration with creative media industries, at home and abroad.

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Ukrainian Book Publishing Fears Hard Times Ahead

A map of the Ukraine which does not depict the recent annexation of the Crimea by Russia.

Ukraine’s new government is considering withdrawing support for the publishing industry and eliminating tax and other benefits for publishers to save cash.

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Germany’s Small Presses: Gourmet Reading for Book Gluttons

Small press catalogs on display in Leipzig.

Germany’s small press scene is thriving, with an eclectic mix of ambitious publishers seeking out new authors, experimenting with formats and finding audiences.

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Activists, Soldiers Move to Protect Libraries in Ukraine

Soldiers protecting the National Library in the Ukraine during protests earlier this month.

Amid violent political protests and the threat of occupation by Russian troops, Ukrainians are moving to protect their most precious literary treasures.

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Hungary’s Top Online and B&M Bookstore Chain Merge


Seeking sale synergies,, Hungary’s top online bookseller has merged with Libri, the country’s largest bookstore chain.

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Inside Nubico, Spain’s Latest Ebook Subscription Service


We talk to David Fernández Poyatos, CEO of Nubico, the Spanish ebook subscription service that is looking to acquire 30% of Spain’s e-reading market.

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On Dany Laferrière, Language and the Académie Française

Dany Laferrière

Haitian-Canadian writer Dany Laferrière — who supports the end of the use of the term Francophone — has been admitted to Académie Française, prompting debate.

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In France, Right Wing Attacks “Immoral” Children’s Books

Everybody's Naked

A growing right wing movement France has begun attacking children’s books depicting content (nudity, homosexuality) they call ‘immoral.’

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Slovenians Cheer Passage of Fixed Book Price Law

euro coins

Years of effort on behalf of publishers has resulted in a new fixed book price law in Slovenia, which should help stabilize the tiny nation’s book business.

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