Those on the front lines of the ever-changing book publishing industry offer their opinions on the latest trends, innovations and opportunities for publishers and authors today.

Introducing Your Publishing World Cup “Dream Team”

Charlie Redmayne, standing 6' 5" and one of the few former military men to run a publishing house, would be an intimidating presence in the net.

Who would you have on a book business World Cup dream team? Who would you place up front? On the bench? As manager We humbly submit our own selections.

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Post Publishing Traumatic Stress Disorder? Really? Really.

Sharon Glassman

Sharon Glassman confronts the angst she feels facing the publication of her second novel following a poor experience with her first — and what to do about it.

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8 Ways Oyster Books Can Rule the Ebook Subscription Market

Oyster Ebooks

In the six months since its debut, the $14 million Oyster ebook subscription platform has yet to take off. What’s lacking? What could be improved? We advise.

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Why Book Publishers Need to Think Like Amazon

Rakesh Satyal

Two branding experts argue that the future for publishers lies in going direct to consumer, offering examples of companies that have succeeded.

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Book Trailers Serve as a Multiplier for Book Discovery

Gabriel Pena i Ballesté is the CEO Bookmovies.tv,  founded in 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.

In the age of the internet, online promotional videos offer the best opportunity for persistent book discovery, argues Gabriel Pena i Ballesté of Bookmovies.tv.

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International Indie Booksellers Look to Americans for Strategy

Sophie Saint-Marc of Alire in France was particularly impressed with the American booksellers' engagement with their communities.

Booksellers as far away as New Zealand, Guatemala and Denmark joined the ABA’s Winter Institute to talk shop and pick up tips about better bookselling.

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Does Translated Fiction Too Often Cater to Cliché?

Michael Z. Wise

Do all French novels in English translation have to be set in a Paris Hemingway would still recognize? Or all Israeli novels focus on the mideast conflict?

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Celebrating University Presses: “The World’s Oldest Media Business”

university press week 2013

University presses may seem like a stodgy lot, but the AAUP will put their innovation on display during its 2nd annual University Press Week this November 10-16.

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If Morrissey is a Penguin Classic, Why Not Elton John?

Morrissey cover

Was the publication of singer Morrissey’s ‘Autobiography’ by Penguin Classic a commercial gambit or merely ironic and provocative? Either way, it’s daft.

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A Room of Someone Else’s

Jeff Gomez

Byliner’s Jeff Gomez argues that as readers our priority is to be entertained and acquire the wisdom stories contain, not owning objects such as books.

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