Digitization is changing every aspect of the book publishing business, providing new opportunities for publishers and authors to create, market and sell their print and digital content.

The Future of Print…On Demand

ingram stacked books

Our series on print on demand sponsored by Ingram Content Group, begins with two companies using short print runs and one-off printings to expand their business into new markets.

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On Becoming a (Self) Publisher

Nick Ruffilo

Nick Ruffilo transitioned from technologist to a self-published author, and shares tips and lessons learned from experiments with various platforms.

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5 Things We Learned at Digital Book World 2014

Digital Book World 2014. (Photo: A.E. Fletcher Photography, 2014)

A few key take-aways from DBW 2014: teens aren’t reading for fun, ebook sales grow overseas, Wall Street discounts publishing and Amazon is like modern art.

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5 Trends for Trade Publishing in 2014

George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology

George Lossius, CEO at Publishing Technology, predicts 5 trends for trade publishing for the year, including a boost for big data and a focus on formats.

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As DBW Convenes: If Hugh Howey Ran HarperCollins

Hugh Howey - Publishing Perspectives 2

On the opening of the Digital Book World 2014 Conference, Porter Anderson covers the hybrid author’s controversial vision of an upended publishing industry.

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How UK Museums Use Mobile Tech to Enhance Visitor Experience

Museum Explorer

UK museums are adapting publishing technology to their needs and using mobile apps to re-invigorate the way visitors explore their spaces.

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In Taiwan Reading is Cool, But Lukewarm on Ebooks

Doris Wang

Despite being digitally savvy Taiwanese readers are dedicated to print and ebooks remain just 2% of the market — though change is afoot.

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Surviving in the Face of Abundance

Helmut von Berg is a director at Klopotek AG

Our world is overflowing with media. To argue in favor of more specialization and differentiation seems foolish – but still it is neither avoidable nor impossible, writes Helmut von Berg.

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How a Trio of Startups is Tackling Book Discovery in Germany

Volker Oppmann

Germany’s Skoobe, Flipintu and LOG.OS are bringing fresh ideas and insight to helping German readers find their next book to read or buy.

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Publish Faster, Publish Less: Futurebook’s “Big Ideas”

The FutureBook's "Big Ideas" panel onstage at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster. Photo: Porter Anderson

Nine publishing pros at The Bookseller’s Futurebook conference offered their big ideas for the industry, which included publishing faster and publishing less.

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