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In the Ukraine, the Publishing and Rights Market is Reviving

Lina Shatilova

IPR License looks at what’s happening in the rights and publishing scene in the Ukraine, which is refashioning itself amid ongoing contretemps with Russia.

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In Jerusalem, A “Retreat” for Editors, Agents and Scouts

The 30th anniversary celebrations of the Zev Birger Jerusalem Fellowship at the Museum for Islamic Art on Monday February 19th, with (clockwise):
Esther Margolis, Yoel Kakov, Zev Birger's sons, Markus Dohle and Stefan von Holtzbrinck.

Copyright Dudi Saad

For the 30th Jerusalem Book Fair Fellowship Program, 35 alumni — editors, agents and scouts — joined 39 new fellows for a week of professional networking.

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In Germany: Ebooks Less Than 10% of Market, Tolino Grows

Ronald Schild

Ronald Schild, CEO at Germany’s MVB, discusses developments in German ebook sales — which still command just a single digit market share — and the Tolino ebook platform.

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Lithuania’s Book Trade “Impossible to Shoot Down”

Tyto Alba one of Lithuania's largest publishers.

The Lithuanian book market was hit by the global recession and remains small, but a coterie of publishers are forging ahead through diversification.

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Pigeonhole.com Offers Subscriptions for Serialized Ebooks

The Pidgeonhole Library

Pigeonhole.com, a young, digital-only publisher in the UK, is commissioning new fiction, refashioning classics, and offering their ebooks via serialization and subscription.

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New Delhi World Book Fair Reaches One Million Consumers

Dignitaries grace the New Delhi World Book Fair this year.

The 9-day New Delhi World Book Fair drew more than 1,100 exhibitors and a million visitors to buy books at what has become one of Asia’s key book fairs.

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OpenBooks: A Self-Publishing Bookstore Where You Read First, Pay Later

OpenBoos.com Logo

With Poland’s OpenBooks.com readers can download and read self-published books for free and decide to pay for them only if they want.

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Smart Move: Wiley’s Dummies Focused on Content Marketing

David Palmer, Marketing Director at John Wiley and Sons

Publishers are better positioned than anyone to engage in content marketing, says David Palmer of Wiley and the man responsible for the Dummies brand.

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Teenager’s 10 Steps To Become Successfully Self-Published

Aaron Ozee

Aaron Ozee, a prolific 18-year-old self published poet, offers his sometimes unorthodox methodology for becoming a bestselling author.

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Aussie Kids Publisher Wilkins Farago on a Mission to Market “Emotions”

One Red Shoe

Andrew Wilkins of Melbourne’s WilkinsFarago discusses how the publisher’s mission extends beyond convention to explore cultural exchange and emotion.

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