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45 Years After Kenneth Clark’s “Civilisation: A Personal View”


Kenneth Clark’s Civilisation was to the TV historical series what The Sopranos was to dramas: the first and best of its kind which has never been equaled.

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How to Really Stand Out in Frankfurt

PP Frankfurt Show Daily 2013

Talk to us about advertising, advertorials and other promotional opportunities at the Frankfurt Book Fair. We can create custom packages to suit your budget and goals.

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Calling for Literary Agent Transparency in the UK

Agent Hunter

Too little information is available to aspiring writers in the UK regarding literary agents, argues Harry Bingham, so a movement has started to bring transparency.

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An Author’s Best Friends: Booksellers and Librarians

Colleen Devine Ellis

Booksellers and librarians are among your best resources as an author. They are at the front-line of presenting your book to the public.

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What Ever Happened to the Metric System…And Madeline?


We talk to John Bemelmans Marciano, author of What Ever Happened to the Metric System? and the man who revived his grandfather’s Madeline franchise for the 21st century.

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Could Government Policy Destroy South African Publishing?

Arthur Attwell

The South African government has decided to severely restrict purchases of textbooks, undermining a market largely dependent on education sales to the government.

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Harmony Ink Press: Reaching Out to LGBTQ+ Youth

Harmony Ink Press Logo

Harmony Ink Press’s Anne Regan discusses the publisher’s move into LGBTQ+ YA books, the reaction from readers, parents and teachers, and the publisher’s plans for the future.

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The Publishing Education of a Jersey Girl

Pizza Meant to Be

Lauren Pizza, the quintessential Jersey Girl, turned around a memoir in four months, with boundless energy, the help of SkyHorse Publishing and a few psychics.

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Why Don’t Publishers Fact Check Memoirs More Closely?

The author's claim to  having been a child prostitute turned out to be bogus.

Writing for The Atlantic, Kate Newman wonders why memoirs aren’t fact-checked more closely and questions whether a lack of resources is really to blame.

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