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Catholic Publishers Losing Authors to The General Trade

Rev. James Martin S.J. is one of the

It has become harder and harder to keep Catholic authors who began their careers with small, niche Catholic houses loyal once they become popular.

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Introducing BackTypo, A Self-Publishing Tool with Italian Flair

Giacomo D'Angelo

Giacomo D’Angelo, product manager at Narcissus.me describes how BackTypo promises to help authors build beautiful books simply and easily.

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Serious Editors Talking Seriously About Serious Subjects

The English-language editors meeting at S. Fischer Verlag

When seven English-language editors visited Germany for meetings with their colleagues in publishing, key similarities and differences were revealed.

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A Fictional Feline Seeks One More Life, But How?

Patty Lakin

Author Patricia Lakin reflects on discovering that her successful children’s book, Clarence the Copy Cat, is out of print and what she can do to bring it back.

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RWA 2014: Sexy Swag and the “World’s Biggest Book Signing”

The room featuring free promotional items proved popular with fans.

The Romance Writers of America conference offered endless opportunities for fans, aspirants, and bestselling authors to interact and self-promote.

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“Would You Publish This Book?” Perhaps, But its Problematic

Yale Publishing Course

Yesterday, Martin Levin challenged publishers at Yale Publishing Course whether they would take on a controversial title. Today we have the answers given by the class.

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Amazon vs. Hachette: Are You Buying Less?

hachette logo

In a survey, Codex Group reports 39% were aware of the Amazon/Hachette dispute — and 7.5% are buying less from Amazon. Are you?

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Javier Marias’ 7 Reasons Not to Write Novels and 1 Reason Why

Javiar Marias

Spanish author Javier Marias argues that while there are plenty of reasons not to write novels, there’s one that is very important — a shot at immortality.

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Hotels and Bookstores: A Potent Cocktail?

Taschen Bookstore inside the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas (Photo: Jonathan Zizzo)

Several high-end book publishers have made forays into hotel retail and hotels are adding lobby libraries, but are these merely pleasant redundancies?

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On Illustrating the Impossible: James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake

A page from Lord's notebook documenting his work illustrating Finnegans Wake.

James Joyce’s novel is an act of pure linguistic pyrotechnics, so when faced with the task of illustrating it John Vernon Lord was understandably ‘bewildered.’

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