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Roger Tagholm is based in London and has been writing about the book industry for more than 20 years. He is the former Deputy Editor of Publishing News and the author of Walking Literary London (New Holland) and Poems NOT on the Underground (Windrush Press).

The Perils of Seeing Fifty Shades of Grey…Alone…in the UK

Roger Tagholm, not Christian Grey (sorry, ladies...)

Our very proper UK correspondent attends a morning screening of Fifty Shades of Grey alone and finds he is more red-cheeked than the characters on-screen.

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How Are Famous Fictional Characters Reacting to Scout’s Return?

Scout Finch is coming back as a grown up woman.

Roger Tagholm imagines how other characters from fiction would react to the news that Harper Lee is giving Scout Finch a second chance at life.

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UK’s Whitefox Serves Publishing By Curating Freelancers

John Bond

Publishers have a growing need for trusted outsourcing and greater access to curated networks of the talented people, says John Bond of Whitefox.

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Why “Gone Girl?” Why Not “Gone Woman?”

The Girl on the Train

When it comes to titling fiction why is there such a preference for the word “girl” over “woman”?

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Considering Alternate Views of “Je Suis Charlie”

Sudanese/Egyptian author Leila Aboulela, left, with former Random House UK International Sales Director Simon Littlewood.

The discussion of the murders in Paris includes those who disagree with Charlie Hebdo’s agenda even as they respect the cartoonists right to expression.

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How Qatari Literary Life is Growing and Sprouting Branches

Claudia Lux, Project Director of Qatart National Libhrary.

A vigorous program is in place to enhance the literary life of Qatar, including strong investment in the National Library and support for publishers.

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Doha International Book Fair Gives Qatari Readers Hope

Busy trade in manga on the Kinokuniya stand.

Though the Doha International Book Fair opened under the cloud of the killings in France, it proved interest in reading is growing in the oil rich country.

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HAIL, FRIENDS!: A Poem Celebrating the Year in Publishing

Roger Tagholm, not Christian Grey (sorry, ladies...)

In the tradition of the annual New Yorker Christmas poem, Roger Tagholm serves up some verse to celebrate the year in publishing passed.

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Publishing Sales Execs Consider the Future of Book Pricing

Mike Abbott

A trio of international publishing sales executives reflect on the different attitudes toward book pricing across the world, wondering what the future holds.

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On French and German Attitudes to Book Prices

Jean Mattern

The French and German attitudes toward book prices originate in their long-standing cultural view on the importance of books as a bastion of culture.

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