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Porter Anderson is a Fellow with the National Critics Institute, a 32-year journalist with several newspapers and three networks of CNN, as well as a producer posted to the Rome headquarters of the United Nations’ World Food Programme. Read more on his website,

From LBF to Pubsmart: Are Publishers & Authors Getting Closer?

Top image - Pub Perspectives #EtherIssue 15 April 2014 2

For this week’s @PubPerpsectives #EtherIssue live discussion, Porter Anderson looks at the two de facto camps working today, authors and publishers.

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London Book Fair: Mind the Digital Gap

In the quiet before London Book Fair's Publishing for Digital Minds opens Monday at London's QEII Centre: The dilemma of how "digital minds" must really work. | Photo: Porter Anderson

This week’s #EtherIssue discussion question asks: How close are publishers to understanding what is really required to be successful in the digital age?

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As London Book Fair Looms: Debates Natural and Not

1 April 2014 iStock_000011334536Small photog KikkerDirk texted story image

Porter Anderson sets up Publishing Perspectives’ weekly #EtherIssue debate with a recurrence of the print vs. ebook debate on the eve of London Book Fair.

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Hi Opens to the Public: Writing for Moderns

Photo: Luis Mendo

Porter Anderson sets up the #EtherIssue discussion with a look at Craig Mod’s new release, Hi, and other young publishing-related companies.

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Book Prices: Have Authors Lowballed Themselves?

18 March 2014 iStock_000022110025Small photog isaxar texted story image

This week Porter Anderson sets up an #EtherIssue discussion on the market implications of bargain-basement book prices and looks at Kobo’s fight for Agency.

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Short Reads: The Rooster Crows, Very Briefly

10 March 2014 iStock_000024437016Small photog Grytsaj texted starter image

Publishing Perspectives’ #EtherIssue live chat on Wednesday will focus on the trend toward short reads, newly represented by the Rooster app for iOS.

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London Author Fair’s Debut: Change Agents

4 March 2014 London Author Fair lead shot Ether Issue texted story image

Porter Anderson reports on the inaugural London Author Fair conference in Covent Garden and looking at the role agents might play for self-publishers.

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Bringing Tools of the Trade to Self-Publishing

25 February 2014 iStock_000026582375Small photog EveythingPossible texted story image

In Publishing Perspectives’ Issues on the Ether, Porter Anderson asks #EtherIssue participants to focus on tools needed by entrepreneurial authors.

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Do Hugh Howey’s AuthorEarnings Add Up?

18 February 2014 iStock_000027456753Small photog catalinr texted story image

In Publishing Perspectives’ Issues on the Ehter, Porter Anderson preps an #EtherIssue live debate on Hugh Howey’s new initiative.

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Issues on the Ether: The Literary Elitism Question

10 February 2014 iStock_000020675865Small photog AngiePhotos 2 texted story image

Setting up Wednesday’s #EtherIssue debate on Twitter, Porter Anderson looks at recent writing on perceptions of elitism in the literary world.

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