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Olivia Snaije is a journalist and editor based in Paris. She works in English, French and Italian and is books editor for Harper’s Bazaar Art. She is currently working on two book projects.

Publishing in the Maghreb Challenged by Colonial Legacy


Publishing in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco still struggles to forge a market and identity distinct from that of its French forebears.

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La BD est Charlie: A Comics Homage to Fallen Artists

La Bd Est Charlie

As an homage to Charlie Hebdo, the French Publisher’s Association has published 100,000 copies of a new book, La BD est Charlie, with 183 drawings by top artists.

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Meet Independent Publishers at Paris’ Salon du Livre

Talented Indies

The new “Talented Indies” program at Paris’ Salon du Livre offers professional attendees the chance to network with twenty Francophone independent publishers.

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Paris Exhibit Praises the World of Book Covers

We Love Books! A World Tour in Paris

We Love Books! is an exhibit within the second edition of the inspiring Graphic Arts Festival taking place in Paris until March 4th.

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Charlie Hebdo’s Staff Dies for Freedom of Expression

A cartoon by Plantu

Since 2006, Charlie Hebdo journalists had been intent on maintaining the magazine’s freedom of expression concerning Islam and tragically died for it.

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Michel Houellebecq and the Charlie Hebdo Attack

Charlie Hebdo

As Paris reels from the murders at Charlie Hebdo magazine, the controversial novel by Michel Houellebecq, star of the magazine’s new issue, is published.

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World Editions Translates Dutch Lit for English Readers

Eric Visser

Veteran Dutch publisher Eric Visser launches World Editions a new translation house focused on bringing Dutch and international lit to a global readership.

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Strong Foreign Rights Sales for 2014 French Bestsellers

Patrick Modiano

2014 has been a good year for French publishers with strong foreign rights sales of several titles, including Nobel Prize-winner Patrick Modiano’s novel.

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Big Rights Deals for Barcelona Author’s Debut Novel


The 26 rights deals for Milena Busquets’ short debut novel have raised eyebrows — but looking at the author’s passion and personal history, it makes sense

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Kobo Sees Opportunities for Self-publishing in Europe

Camille Mofidi of Kobo

Camille Mofidi of Kobo Writing Life explains how the platform is helping writers in France, Germany and Italy leverage self-publishing opportunities.

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