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Olivia Snaije is a journalist and editor based in Paris. She works in English, French and Italian and is books editor for Harper’s Bazaar Art. She is currently working on two book projects.

Sarah Ardizzone on Translating Two Worlds: Children’s and Adult’s

Sarah Ardizzone

Sarah Ardizzone is one of the most respected translators working in English and French, who easily transitions between children’s and adult literature.

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Keys to Writing Books for Very Young Readers

Gregoire S.

The cherished French children’s book author and editor of hundreds of books Grégoire Solotareff offers his tips for creating books for very young readers.

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Salon du Livre Paris: Indie Intros a Success, Authors Continue Protests

Talented Indies

At the Salon du Livre in Paris, a new program introduced indie publishers to agents and scouts, while authors continued protesting poor contracts.

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French Children’s Book Authors Suffer Pint-sized Payments

Marie Sellier

With meager advances, often just 500 euros, and royalty rates of 3-8%, French children’s book authors have much to complain about.

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For Its 50th, l’école des loisirs Offers Paris a Visual Feast

Mise en page 1

To mark its 50th birthday, children’s publisher l’école des loisirs is exhibiting 70 illustrations—of which 70% are original—at the Paris Salon du Livre.

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Why Reading Translated Kids’ Books Makes a Difference

Daniel Hahn

‘Writing translated from other languages makes you see things differently,’ says UK translator Daniel Hahn who will mine the Bologna Book Fair for gems.

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Study Reveals the Relationship Between the French and Reading

Centre National du Livre

Nine out of ten French read books last year and on average people read 16 books a year: 14 in print, 2 digital. Still, the French see room for improvement.

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The VéroK Literary Agency on Kids Book Biz Changes


The VéroK Agency represents children’s book publishers across Europe and the English-language markets and is seeing changes in who buys what where.

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Publishing in the Maghreb Challenged by Colonial Legacy


Publishing in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco still struggles to forge a market and identity distinct from that of its French forebears.

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La BD est Charlie: A Comics Homage to Fallen Artists

La Bd Est Charlie

As an homage to Charlie Hebdo, the French Publisher’s Association has published 100,000 copies of a new book, La BD est Charlie, with 183 drawings by top artists.

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