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Olivia Snaije is a journalist and editor based in Paris. She works in English, French and Italian and is books editor for Harper’s Bazaar Art. She is currently working on two book projects.

Mapping Bookshops and Publishers in Confusing Cairo

Cairo Book Fair

A new web project, CairoBookStop, aims to cull and map information about publishers and bookshops in Cairo that focus on contemporary Arabic literature.

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Bragelonne: Fighting France’s Book Snobs with Success

Stéphane Marsan

Publisher Bragelonne has found extraordinary success selling what others in France might deign to be untouchable, including fantasy, romance, and ebooks.

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Syria Speaks: Writers, Artists Publish to Protest Tyranny

syria speaks front cover (1)

The new book, Syria Speaks, brings together writing, cartoons, and artwork from over fifty Syrians who stand firmly against tyranny and violence.

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Syrian Author Moustafa Khalifé on Writing Post-Imprisonment

La-coquille (1)

Syrian novelist Moustafa Khalifé discusses the writing his novel about his long imprisonment, ‘La Coquille,’ and the lingering effects of incarceration.

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Actes Sud Editor Brings Syrian, Arabic Literature to France

Mardam-Bey Farouk

Actes Sud editor Farouk Mardam-Bey is responsible for some 80% of France’s translations of Arabic literature and has put a new spotlight on Syrian works.

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Rare Manuscripts Stolen by Smugglers in Iraq

old books

Unique and rare manuscripts have been smuggled from Mosul, Iraq, to Turkey, following the takeover of the city by (ISIS) gunmen.

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Frank Tétart: Making Maps that Shed Light on Geopolitics 

Grand Atlas

Maps are primarily a tool to understand the complexity of international relations, says author Frank Tétart, author of a new atlas illustrating geopolitics.

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The Translator as Agent

Maureen Freely, the moderator of the panel, is the new President of PEN UK.

A panel of experts discuss how translations reach the market, from finding the books to what translators should do when approaching publishers.

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Yi Mun-Yol on Allegory and Naked North Korean Writing

Marina Warner with

Korean author Yi Mun-yol and writer Marina Warner discuss the use of allegory and the state of North Korean literary production at the London Book Fair.

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Activists, Soldiers Move to Protect Libraries in Ukraine

Soldiers protecting the National Library in the Ukraine during protests earlier this month.

Amid violent political protests and the threat of occupation by Russian troops, Ukrainians are moving to protect their most precious literary treasures.

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