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Hannah Johnson is the Publisher of Publishing Perspectives. Before joining PP in 2009, she worked as Project Manager at the German Book Office New York. Find her on Twitter @hannahsjohnson.

What’s the Buzz: Wattpad in India; LeWeb Conference in Paris; Hans Georg Heepe Obituary

In What's the Buzz by Hannah Johnson

By Hannah Johnson and Siobhan O’Leary Wattpad, which has dubbed itself “the world’s most popular ebook community,” is making headlines with the announcement that its mobile application will now be available on India’s largest cell phone carrier, Bharti Airtel. Paul Biba of Teleread said, “As mobile Internet users significantly outnumber broadband users in India this dramatically expands Wattpad’s reach.” This …

What’s the Buzz: E-Rights and No-Compete Clauses; Adobe Flash Does Multi-Touch; Library 101

In What's the Buzz by Hannah Johnson

By Hannah Johnson At PubRants, literary agent Kristin Nelson writes about electronic rights and no-compete clauses in book contracts. According to Nelson’s interpretation of standard no-compete language, “even if you are able to reserve your electronic rights so as to as to set up your own deal with Kindle or Scribd (or whoever), your publisher could make an argument that …

What’s the Buzz: One in Five iPhone Apps in Oct Were Books; Publishing Changes Empowers Readers

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By Hannah Johnson A new study by Flurry released on November 1 says that more book apps than game apps have been developed for the iPhone (as written about in The Bookseller, Christian Science Monitor, Information Week). The study found that “In October, one out of every five new apps launching in the iPhone has been a book.” That books are …

Global Trade Talk: Sweden’s Publit Aims for POD; Interview with Tin Drum Translator; Danish Retailer Won’t Stock Symbol

In Global Trade Talk by Hannah Johnson

By Hannah Johnson Is this the birth of a booming Swedish e-book market? The epub blog reported that a Swedish company called Publit has challenged itself with making all of Sweden’s out-of-print books (or böker, the Swedish word for books) available to readers using Print on Demand. “Considering that 95% of all Swedish books ever in existence are now out …

Download of Frankfurt Show Daily, October 16

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Our final issue of the Frankfurt Edition show daily is hot off the press. In addition to covering two digital publishing companies present at the Fair, Open Road from the US and Shanda Literature from China, the October 16 issue covers STM e-book pricing, Estonia’s surprising publishing industry dynamics, and the IPA Copyright Symposium. You can also read about e-books …

Bonus Material: Download of Frankfurt Show Daily, October 15

In Discussion by Hannah Johnson

It’s day 2 of the Frankfurt Book Fair, and our second Frankfurt Edition show daily is circulating the halls. Coverage for October 15 includes territorial copyright for English-language publishers, Chinese dissident authors and journalists on freedom of speech, the opening of the Gourmet Gallery exhibition and show kitchen, and the presentation of the Global Publishers Ranking Report. For those of …

Whither Book Publishers? Tools of Change Conference Considers Tech’s Relationship with Readers

In Feature Articles by Hannah Johnson

By Hannah Johnson Describing the philosophy behind the launch of the Stanza iPhone reader, Neelan Choksi, COO of Lexcycle (the company behind Stanza), set the tone of the TOC Frankfurt Conference on Tuesday in his keynote speech, saying, “We focused on the readers because that’s all we knew.” Stanza is a tech startup hardly a year old and founded by …