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The Strange World of Yakuza Fan Magazines

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By Jake Adelstein TOKYO: The Japanese mafia, better known as the yakuza, has been the subject of fan magazines for decades. These magazines serve as de-facto trade periodicals for a world of vicious, autocratic thugs, men who are handy with swords and guns, sport full-body tattoos, deal in illegal contraband and laundered money, and rip off the general public; all …

C-O-L-O-P-H-O-N: Literati Tackle Tricky Words for CLMP

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By Chris Artis NEW YORK: On Monday evening, more than a hundred publishing professionals gathered at the Diane Von Furstenberg Studio in New York City’s meat packing district for the sixth annual “Let It Bee,” a spelling bee fundraiser for the Council of Literary Magazines & Presses (CLMP), the 42-year-old nonprofit organization aiding small literary publishers (see our videos from …

Can Proust Really Change Your Life?

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By Dennis Abrams You know you’ve been meaning to. You’re pretty sure that you’ve got a dusty copy of Swann’s Way sitting around somewhere. You’ve probably even read the book’s famous opening line, “For a long time I would go to bed early,” and thought to yourself, well, not now, maybe some other time. That time has finally come. Next …

Aussie’s Take Two of Germany’s Top Children’s Prizes

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By Tim Coronel Australian authors Shaun Tan and Marcus Zusak have been announced as winners in two of the major categories at the Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis, Germany’s most prestigious awards for children’s and YA books. [Pictured: the display of Shaun Tan’s books at the Frankfurt Book Fair by his German publisher Carlsen] The awards ceremony, held on Friday night as part …

Print-Your-Own Book May Be the Answer for Emerging Markets

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By Kassia Krozser, Booksquare.com As publishing great and small struggles to see into the future—will it be ebooks? Will mobile phones or the mythical Apple Table save publishing? How are we going to put all these pieces together? Discussions of the implications of the Google Book Settlement make for intellectual fodder, but out there in the real world, people are …

Changes and Challenges in the Supply Chain

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By John Mutter of Shelf Awareness Online challenges and opportunities were major themes yesterday at the 31st International Supply Chain seminar, sponsored by Editeur and the Boersenverein. Jonathan Nowell of Nielsen Book noted that the difficult economy has led to a “huge shift in consumer spending.” While the freefall has ended, he said, “restraint characterizes consumer spending behavior.” Book sales …

Graphic Novels Spur DC Comics’ Global Growth

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By Chris Artis Even during the worldwide economic downturn, the global popularity of graphic novels continues to grow, says Sandy Resnick, DC Comics’ Director of International Business Development. “Fortunately for us, it’s been a growing category in general bookstores for a long time now. This adoption is at different stages in different countries, but it still seems to be increasing …

Facing Off with Facebook

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Editorial by Debra Ollivier If you’re a published author or soon-to-be-published author, chances are you’ll get something like the 63-page document I got from my publisher before my recent book was launched. It’s called “Internet Advice for Authors: Getting Started, Getting Online, and Getting Noticed,” and starts with the almost quaint question: “What is Online Marketing?” Every author is expected …

Analysing the Global Ranking of Publishers

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By Rüdiger Wischenbart Editor’s Note: For the past three years publishing consultant Rüdiger Wischenbart has released a “Global Ranking of the Publishing Industry,” which looks at companies with revenues over $US250 million. Here is his analysis of the latest ranking, focusing on how the changing dynamics between the professional/science, education and trade sectors have have affected this year’s ranking. It …