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Guest contributors to Publishing Perspectives have diverse backgrounds in publishing, media and technology. They live across the globe and bring unique, first-hand experience to their writing.

Italian Writing Festival Takes Women, Self-Publishing Seriously

From left, David Gaughran, Ann Colette, Jane Friedman, Monique Patterson of St Martin's Press, Elizabeth Jennings

The Women’s Writing Festival in Matera, Italy was a showcase for the growing importance of women’s fiction and self-publishing in Europe.

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How Soon Will the Majority of Books Be Self-Published?

Andrew Lownie

Literary agent Andrew Lownie believes that in 5-10 years, 75% of books will be self-published, 20% assisted by agents, and only 5% traditionally published.

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Playing to the Crowd: The Publishing Journey of a Rollergirl

1008749_10151999791663452_1322381444_o(1) (1)

Margot Atwell, ex-publisher of Beaufort Books, discusses the appeal of Rollerderby and her efforts to publish a book about the sport via Kickstarter.

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Are There Too Many Books?

Tanja Tuma

The total number of books in print hit 28 million in English in 2013, but are there enough readers to justify so much publishing?

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Cairo Book Fair to Launch Professional Program

10480230_10152294648427003_1438984717343392373_n (1) (1)

In 2015 the Cairo International Book Fair will launch its first-ever professional program, which will run from January 29 through 31.

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7 Ideas to Help You Anticipate the Future of Publishing

Ewan Morrison says the rule of seven can help you anticipate the next big publishing trend.

Ewan Morrison explains how the ‘seven big ideas in the world’ dominate culture and can help you prepare for the next book publishing trends.

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Seeking a Balance in Paying Translators in Germany

Richard Stoiber (Photo: Katja Heil)

The new system of paying German translators actually can punish the publisher for having a bestseller in some cases, argues Richard Stoiber of Matthes & Seitz.

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New Faces in Frankfurt: Publisher Snapshots from Around the World

Sulaiman Abedowale

What are publishers doing in Namibia, Jordan, Senegal and Indonesia? We interview four publishers at the Frankfurt Book Fair to find out.

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When a Book is a Stone: The Role of Publishing in Areas of Conflict

Holger Ehling, Richard Ali, Marwan Adwan, Volodymyr Samoylenko at the Frankfurt Book Fair

At the Frankfurt Book Fair’s Weltempfang stage, publishers from Nigeria, Syria, and the Ukraine discussed their experiences publishing in the midst of conflict.

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Beyond the Moomin Valley: Celebrating The Many Sides of Tove Jansson

Dr. Tuula Karjalainen and Anke Michler-Janhunen at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Tove Jansson, author of the Moomins and other children’s books, would have turned 100 years old this year. Here’s what you don’t know about this famous Finn.

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