Reading in the Age of Screens

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*+-Editorial by Chad W. Post Contemporary life is lived through screens. Initially, it was the TV that invaded our families and took over our free time. Now it’s computers, smartphones, tablets; it’s email, digital files, the cloud. For better or worse, the past quarter-century (or more) has powered a move away from the physical and into cyberspace — especially in …

Serbia’s Geopoetika Publishes English Translations with an Eye Towards Foreign Rights Sales

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*+-By Chad W. Post Unfortunate as it is, the situation facing Serbian literature is incredibly common for “small language” cultures: although a number of Serbian writers from the first half of the twentieth century have been translated into English and published throughout the world (like Danilo Kiš, Milorad Pavić, and Borislav Pekić), many of the best writers of the past … to Underwrite Best Translated Book Awards

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*+-PRESS RELEASE from Open Letter Books: October 20, 2010: has awarded the University of Rochester/Three Percent website a $25,000 grant in support of the 2011 Best Translated Book Awards. This grant will support $5,000 cash prizes for both the winning translators and authors. Launched by Three Percent ( in 2007, the Best Translated Book Awards aim to bring attention …

Russia’s Young, Exportable Writers

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*+-By Chad W. Post Back in 2000, the “Debut Prize” was established by the Pokolenie (Generation) Foundation to support Russian writers under the age of 25. Ten years later, the best works generated by this competition will be made available to English and Chinese readers. According to Olga Slavnikova, winner of the Russian Booker Prize and director of the Debut …

From Frankfurt: OR Books Preaches Elegant, Direct Model

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*+-By Chad W. Post Speaking at both Tools of Change and the International Digital Rights Symposium, John Oakes of the newly launched OR Books elucidated his business model. Compared to traditional publishing structures, its simplicity is quite revolutionary. Launching last fall, OR Books has a few specific strategies: it offers its authors relatively low advances (and high royalties), edits the …