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Want to Write for Video Games? 7 Top Tips

In Discussion by Mark Piesing

By Mark Piesing

As discussed in today’s feature article, “How Writers Can Work with Games Developers,” many writers would like to try their hand at writing for the video games. Here are a few top tips on how to get started.

Video Games

1. Play as wide a variety of games as possible, and look beyond the mainstream to where the most interesting work is happening.

2. Small studios may be accessible: give them a call about a blog you are writing or even offer to help.

3. While most interactive writers for studios and developers are usually freelance on short-term contracts, larger publishers and entertainment groups do have some in-house interactive writers.

4 Get your soft skills up to scratch – be prepared to work in a team.

5. Get a unique selling point: but make sure your specialty will be in demand.

6. One well-established way in is through games journalism.

7. Think about other options than writing: what about narrative designer?

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