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“The Story on Story” Video Series Offers Insights from Experts

By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief

Story is central to all that we do in publishing. And we can all learn to tell them better. Seattle-based marketing company Vignette is producing a series of new videos that promise “an ongoing conversation about the craft and commerce of telling stories.” Speakers featured over the coming months include “filmmakers, photographers, journalists, writers, musicians, designers, educators, and other professionals who incorporate storytelling into their daily work.” And they promise to “share their techniques, process, insights and inspirations as well as get their perspective on the new media landscape and the business of telling stories.

You can watch the first video with David Burnett, photojournalist and co-founder of Contact Press Images, in which he “talks about the difference between being a technician and a storyteller and that how sometimes the most important skill is simply getting to the story.”

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