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Celebrate Your Big Frankfurt Rights Deals with PP

By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief

Rights are the heart and soul of the Frankfurt Book Fair and getting attention for your title amid the furor of the Fair can be tricky. Everyone is chasing the big books and if you score, it can be a big win for the year to come. Let the world know about it!

Next Friday, Publishing Perspectives is reserving a special “announcements” section in our print Show Daily to feature some of the biggest deals made at the Fair. Not only will this help others share in your success, but it might just lead to future deals after the fair.

But it’s not just limited to deals — if you have news, big news of any kind from the Fair, you can take advantage of this special opportunity to get your word out to the world.

Limited promotional space is available.

Contact Publishing Perspectives’ business development director Erin Cox at erin@publishingperspectives.com for details.

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