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“Yes to Sex,” the Lyrics That Inspired E.L. James

By Dennis Abrams

It’s a publishing phenomenon that has sold over 31 million copies worldwide, and has been the inspiration for endless speculation on how to cast the movie, endless jokes, and endless sexual fantasies on the part of readers.  And now the question has finally been answered: what inspired EL James to write 50 Shades of Grey in the first place?

The author recently told The Sun that listening to the lyrics of Will.i.am., in particularly the song Sexy from 2003’s Elephunk was one source of inspiration. “I have songs that I write sex to. One of them is the Black Eyed Peas’ Sexy. That is a very sexy song.”

How sexy is it? Check out the lyrics according to The Huffington Post:


Girl u really got me goin’
Outta control
I dot know what I’m doin’
Lets let it go
And do what we do best
Take off our clothes
We look better undressed

Yes to sex
Yes to sex
No to war
No to war
Fightin’ is rightin’
Fightin’ is rightin’

Yes to sex
It’s so much more exciting
Yes to sex
Yes to sex
No to war
Fightin’ if frightening
Fightin is frightening
Yes to sex
It’s so much more exciting

It’s called the S E X X X X

Are you feeeeeeeling it?

James made the announcement at the launch of her Fifty Shades’ classical album, adding that she attributed a good part of the series’ success to their “discreet” covers, which allow women to read the book in public without embarrassment.

“I designed the covers because in my early 30s I read a lot of romantic fiction when I was slogging in and out of London on the Tube. But they had these horrible covers with women with clothes falling off.

“I hated that and I had to bend the covers back. So I designed really discrete covers so that no one would ever know it is salacious.”

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  1. Posted September 10, 2012 at 9:10 am | Permalink

    Loved the romance in this book. At times the wording is repetitive, but the story is so great it doesn’t matter. The book is part of a three book series, and plan on reading them all to see the development of the characters.

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