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Wordweaver: Namibia’s First Fiction Publisher Launches

By Publishing Perspectives

Historically, Namibian publishing houses have focused on educational and religious materials. But in a historic first, Wordweaver Publishing House was launched in Windhoek earlier this year.

Founder Bryn van der Merwe, with over 10 years of experience in the Namibian publishing industry, said that Wordweaver was established as a response to the incredible talent of Namibian writers, and the difficulties they’ve faced in getting published.

With hopes of reaching a world-wide audience, Wordweaver’s books will range from adult fiction to children’s stories, and will include all genres; with the expectation of publishing non-fiction coffee table books in the not too distant future.

Wordweaver introduced its first two children’s titles, When You Dance with the Crocodile by E. Muller, and The Most important Book by Noreen Arangles, at the Bank Windhoek Kidz Fun Fair on August 4-5. And in a contest held at the fair, children were invited to help choose a name (the winning name was “Frederick?) for the fieldmouse who is the main character of Wordweaver’s third book, The Big Adventure, which will be launched at Namibia’s first ever Youth Book Fair (PDF download) October 26-29 2012. Van der Merwe believes that the positive response to his books are a sign that Namibian youth is hungry for homegrown stories.

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    Thanks to the wordweaver publisher for aiming to help out the young talentend authors, to have their dreams of publishng books comes true. Am one of the youth who is talentend in writting story books, more on african norms and tradition and also romantic stories,. Am asking the publisher to help me to send for me more infor in publshng my books,.! 0813524845/ 0816683483 are my contacts, and the e-mail above. Thnks.

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