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SURVEY: Do You Self-Publish or Opt for a Small Press?

By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief

digital self publishingThe answer likely depends on your situation, but given a choice, would you rather self-publish or opt for a small or even tiny publisher to take on your book?

Self-publishing gives you the opportunity to control the process every step of the way, save for the ultimate means of distribution (which you won’t likely have full control over). But it takes time, cash, and, above all, dedication.

Traditional small press publishing frees you to do other things — like write and not have to concentrate exclusively on the editing, production, distribution and sales of your work. Of course, this also means you’re ceding much of the control to an outside organization, one that might not consist of more than one or two full time employees who will likely have additional priorities beyond your book.

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    Good idea, I will be interested in the results. Edward Smith

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