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Best of 2012 (So Far): Business Strategy and Asian Publishing

This week, Publishing Perspectives looks back on the first half of 2012 with stories that changed our perspective and shaped the industry. We will return to our regular publishing schedule next week. Enjoy!

Business Strategy and Rights

Martin Levin

"Do not delay in taking action when there are clear signals of a decline in market value," writes Martin Levin.

Publishers Beware! More Creative Destruction on the Way
The digital transition in publishing could mean unlikely business acquisitions are in store for major publishers by tech giants like Apple.

For Publishers, The Long Term Is the Only Race Worth Winning
Chad Post’s keynote to the IPA Congress in Cape Town addresses the numerous paradoxes in contemporary publishing and prescribes taking a new, engaged attitude.

Why Publishers Need a Content Strategy Today
Oxford University Press’ Ingrid Goldstein explains why a simple five-step content strategy can ensure the longevity of the entire content of a publishing house.

Why Foreign Rights are a Big Deal for Small Publishers
At Berrett-Koehler Publishers foreign rights sales account for 10% of revenue, much of it from backlist, and are rewarding both financially and culturally.

Asian Publishing

Why Foreign Bestsellers Often Fail in Japan
With little exposure in bookstores and Japan’s emphasis on mega-bestsellers, how’s a foreign author supposed to crack the Japanese book market?

Publishing in India Today: 19,000 Publishers, 90,000 Titles, Many Opportunities
India’s publishing industry faces rising challenges for editorial departments, new business models for distribution, and the rise of agenting in India.

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