How Do You Use Hosted Services in Your Publishing House?

In Discussion by Edward Nawotka

By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief

cloudToday’s feature story looks at some of the recent developments in the ways that publishers are incorporating hosted and cloud-based services into their publishing programs. This can range from something simple, such as an editor sharing documents with an author via Dropbox, or more sophisticated, such as implementing an enterprise wide solution for publicity or management.
Change is afoot. So tell us, how do you use these new hosted solutions in your publishing house? What have you adopted? What have you abandoned? And how do you rate those solutions you use every day?

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Edward Nawotka

Edward Nawotka is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Publishing Perspectives. A widely published critic and essayist, he serves as a speaker, educator and consultant for institutions and businesses involved in the global publishing and content industries.