Monocle’s “The Review” Podcast Visits the World’s Bookshops

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By Edward Nawotka

As I’ve noted several times before one of my favorite publications is Monocle, the UK-based magazine of arts, culture, politics, and news. Last year the publication expanded into several new media, including television and a 24-hour news and music channel. Among their newest programs is The Review, a weekly hour-long radio program which covers arts and culture around the globe.

Barcelona's MUTT bookshop was featured last week.

A regular feature of the program is to have their reporters pop into local bookstores around the world to record booksellers discussing the works that are most popular in their particular shop. The most recent show visited Eterna Cadencia bookstore in Buenos Aires, where the bookseller recommended Ricardo Piglia, Juan Martini and Hernán Ronsino (both from the Eterna Cadencia’s own publishing house); the MUTT Bookstore in Barcelona, where the book Quantum Light by David Benjamin Sherry (published by Damiani/Salon 94) is a bestseller; and Tunis, librarie Al Kitab, where the title Degage, about the Tunisia revolution is popular with locals and tourists alike, and the bookseller interviewed is a fan or Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion.

Recent shows have also stopped in Helsinki, Paris, London, Tokyo and New York, among many other destinations. Check it out, it’s well worth your time.

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