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Describe Your Dream Tool for Book Discovery

By Edward Nawotka

magnifying glassIn today’s feature story about innovation in STM publishing, Paula Gantz reports on several new tools available to publishers and writers that enhance research.

Of course, we’re not finished innovating yet:

“The internet revolution is less than ten percent complete,” says, Michael R. Nelson of the CSC Leading Edge Forum. “It will be as disruptive as the printing press, but much faster, totally global and more unpredictable.”

So, knowing that we have 90% of the Internet revolution ahead of us, and the sky’s the limit for what we can imagine, let’s address a pressing concern: book discovery.

The internet and digital age promised us tools that would help us find the perfect books to read. But with the proliferation of titles, from traditional and indie publishers, digital and hardcover, priced from $19.99 to $0.99 — the market is becoming saturated. Few discovery tools have proven to be “one-stop” for book lovers seeking advice.

So tell us, what would your ideal dream tool look like for research and book discovery. What features would it offer? Describe it to us in the comments and maybe some young budding web innovator will go out and build it.

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  1. Posted May 18, 2012 at 4:07 am | Permalink

    I wish it was that simple to create book discovery tool. It may be true that they already exist, but are spread out and not consolidated yet.

    My ideal discovery method is asking friends and being able to narrow it down by emotion and genre. Maybe a goodreads with a better query tool.

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