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SURVEY: What is the Biggest Obstacle to Arab Digital Publishing?

By Edward Nawotka

With a population of some 350 million spread across 22 countries, the Arab World (as defined in this instance by membership in the Arab League) is a vast region, on par with the United States and Europe. With some 70 million between the ages of 15 to 24 (representing 19% of the population), you might expect a bigger and faster push into digital publishing in the Middle East. But as our feature story today notes, the vast disparity of purchasing power, internet penetration, piracy, and censorship — not to mention, in the case of the Francophone countries of North Africa, language — each of which offers unique challenges to would-be digital publishers in the region. Which do you think is the greatest obstacle to be overcome for the Arab world to join the in accelerating the pace of change towards digital publishing?

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