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Harvard’s Nieman Foundation Offers Free E-book on “Writing the Book”

By Edward Nawotka

Dovetailing nicely with our story today about a publisher which re-puroposes journalists’ blogs into books, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University has published a free report entitled “Writing the Book” (PDF download), which offers more than 30 essays that examine different aspects of e-publishing. The publication, which is aimed primarily at journalists looking to convert their work into book-length manuscripts, offers more than 30 essays on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Compelling Story, Unflappable Belief, and Digital Teamwork By Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
  • Feeling It’s a Book, Then Pausing to Wonder If It Is By Mitchell Zuckoff
  • On the Road to Writing Books: Blazing New Trails By William Wheeler
  • Brief Story, Book Proposal, a Longer Feature, Then a Book By Amy Ellis Nutt
  • Writing a Life, Living a Writer’s Life By Gaiutra Bahadur
  • A Year of Reinvention By Alfredo Corchado
  • Starting as a Journalist, Ending as a Memoirist By Lucette Lagnado
  • Journalists and Memoir: Reporting + Memory By Michele Weldon
  • Tips for Journalists Writing Memoirs By Michele Weldon
  • Newsroom to Classroom: Books as a Thread of Connection By Brooke Kroeger
  • Narrative Writing: Craft to Ethics, Theme to Characters By Beth Macy
  • A Literary Exploration of How Power Corrupts By Thrity Umrigar
  • Novels Win Out Over Journalism By William Dietrich
  • Will I Ever Write the Book? Why Not? By Bret Schulte
  • Leapfrogging the Book: A Newspaper Story Jumps to Film By Paul Lieberman
  • Dealing With Hollywood By Paul Lieberman
  • Journalism: Done The Atavist Way By David Wolman
  • It’s a Long Article. It’s a Short Book. No, It’s a Byliner E-Book. By John Tayman
  • The Writing Life: Examined in a Digital Minibook E-Book Excerpt by Ann Patchett
  • Transformation in Publishing and Optimism About Books Conversation with Peter Osnos
  • Sooner Sounds Better By Philip Meyer
  • Telling Political Stories in Closer to Real-Time Books By John F. Harris
  • E-Books as a Business Strategy By Federica Cocco
  • Visual Intensity of Words By Len Edgerly
  • Out of Print, a Book Reappears—And Earns Its Author Money By Dan Kennedy
  • Journalist to Marketer—With a Book In-Between By Rochelle Lefkowitz
  • Making a Book—Digital and Print—From Scratch By Elizabeth Castro
  • Learning the Inner Workings of an E-Book File By Elizabeth Castro
  • Powerful People and a Book They Almost Stopped By Marites Dañguilan Vitug
  • Books Take Over Where Daily Journalism Can’t Go By Andrew Meldrum
  • Transit: An Assignment and an Idea—Now a Book, Exhibit and Website
  • An Essay in Words and Photographs by Espen Rasmussen
  • A Photography Book—Absorbed in Print and on the iPad By Boris Muñoz

It’s downloadable as a free PDF here.

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