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Amazon’s iPad Challenger Coming Wednesday

Amazon Android tablet

By Hannah Johnson

Amazon has sent out invitations to a press conference in New York City on Wednesday, September 28 to announce its new tablet device, according to the Guardian UK.

The device, which may be the first to offer serious competition to Apple’s iPad, will run on Google’s mobile operating system, Android.

Like the Kindle before it, many expect the new tablet to be priced aggressively in order to sell more digital books, movies, and cloud services to consumers, reports the Guardian. The recent launch of Amazon’s Android app store also points to its commitment to creating a real competitor to the Apple system.

The Amazon tablet will also compete closely with Barnes & Noble’s NookColor, which is also an Android-powered tablet.

Read the full Guardian article here

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    ebooks for Brazil

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    The widely rumored spec of the device is quite underwhelming – it seems that when key items on the wishlist weren’t ready from suppliers in time (color e-ink, lighter touchscreen technology etc.) that Amazon made the strategic decision to release a device anyway. In fact gdgt.com had a source which claimed that Kindle’s own internal development team didn’t want to work on that “stopgap” tablet, so they outsourced it to Quanta, meaning the tablet will essentially be a repurposed PlayBook with a customized version of Android.

    The big draw, and what will really sell this device despite the above, will be content. It sounds like Amazon will be bundling it with a Prime subscription: free 2 day delivery, and a huge selection of TV shows, movies, and magazines for unlimited streaming). Price is rumored to be at around $250. We’ll find out later.

    But I think the strategy here is not to take down the iPad, rather it’s a reaction to the surprise, runaway success of the Nook Color.

    Amazon’s tablet won’t even ship until November, but it seems they are announcing it now to try and siphon off prospective Nook Color 2 owners (which will get released in October) and get them to hold off until the Kindle Fire is released.

    My prediction is that the tech blogs will hate it, but customers will probably like it.

    But I wouldn’t rush to judgement on Amazon’s tablet future based on this device. The “real” one is coming next year.

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